Konzeptuelles abstraktes Bild mit sechseckiger Strukturverbindung. 3D-Illustration Hintergrund. Graphen-Konzept.

Verschmutzt Graphen-Oxid die gesamte Umwelt?

I just got the call of a person who discovered magnetism at the top of the nose while she did not wear a blue graphene mask, that cloth masks, did not have PCR tests, on the other hand felt a metallic taste in the mouth using hydro-alcoholic gel in a supermarket, gel that she usually avoids, sign of graphene contamination!



How is it possible that even unvaccinated people end up with magnetism? I tested on myself with a small round neodymium magnet and I also observed magnetism at the top of the nose while I live in nature (Is it chemtrails?)! I will try to neutralize all this with NAC with Zinc and proteolytic enzymes!

Editor ER (Europe Reloaded):

The magnetism following the Covid vaccines was the first curious phenomenon, which led to the discovery of graphene oxide in them by the Spanish team of La Quinta Columna. Since then, they have been probing all kinds of products for the presence of this toxin. We wonder if this is not one of the products NOT MENTIONED in chemtrails since all this time. Anyone in the anti-geoengineering movement will repeat like a parrot that aluminimum, barium and strontrium are in chemtrails (also mercury in our personal experience), but maybe graphene oxide has been the sleeper from the beginning, or at least one of them.

More info

We offer you some notes on the two videos below, which are subtitled in English. The first video deals with the wide range of items infected with graphene oxide and intended for human consumption. The second video explains more generally the reasons for this use and how graphene has been referred to as a “21st century material” or perhaps we should say “21st century material”. THE HUMAN TOXIN OF THE 21st CENTURY!

Here are other articles on the work of the La Quinta Columna team and graphene oxide:

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  • The graphene oxide present in all vaccines makes vaccinated people walking time bombs!
  • Graphene oxide: Gates’ trade secret? Not mentioned in the US and UK vaccine patents!

Magnetic food

La Quinta Columna:

Almost all foods are magnetic. Are the drugs also magnetic? Notes: In addition to saline bag solutions, Covid vaccines and the 2018 flu vaccine, graphene has also been found in meat, teas, cereals, chamomile, lactose-free milk, biscuits and cocoa.Some of these products, such as saline bags, are the subject of patents containing graphene oxide.

Graphene is also used for water purification. These uses are described in patents and scientific articles. It has also been found in rainwater in the Canary Islands, most likely because of chemtrailing. It is also present in hydrogels and all cosmetics, moisturizing creams and creams, sunscreens, tobacco and e-cigarettes, PCR tests manufactured by NanoGrafi, masks and antigenic tests.

This means that graphene oxide is inhaled, digested and absorbed through the skin, and is directly injected by Covid “vaccines”. We also need to find out if our pain medications and other medications also contain it, testing them for magnetism.

The Media

How will the media deny or ignore this information? A single food showing magnetism could be a factory error; the systematic appearance of NGOs in food products shows that it is the result of a decision from above, just like vaccines. All this explains why many UNVACCINATED people are magnetized. You have to show people how food is magnetized to wake them up; people also need to notice this in their medications and report it to pharmacies and their doctors.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains how graphene will be used to reset society and change humans. Notes: Graphene oxide has been referred to by “them” as a “21st century material”. This is the key to everything. They will do everything with it. This will be the key to neurocontrol and reset. Because to reset society, it will have to be demolished… they will demolish it thanks to graphene.
The new company will be based on graphene…


This is the mark of the beast. All this is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, if there is another. Vaccinating everyone is key, and once vaccinated, they can reset everything – economies, demographics. And the New World will control people through graphene. (ER: we remind readers of the electrical conductivity properties of graphene, which would allow people to be connected remotely to the Internet). They will be able to do what they have never been able to do to the human species thanks to graphene.