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Kennen Sie diese einfache Migränebehandlung?

Migraines can make any bright light, stressful day, or loud noise a source for dread. You wait to see if your migraines develop from these common causes of headaches. Migraines can make even the most common headaches seem like a blessing.

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You may have to limit your life and activities in order to avoid these painful experiences. Chronic migraines are serious headaches that can last for a long time and can be treated with anything from mood-altering medications to hypnosis. There is one treatment that has been proven to be very effective that your doctor may not have told you about.

Preliminary research suggests that omega 3 (an essential fatty acid found in salmon and tuna) may significantly reduce migraine headaches’ frequency and duration. Preliminary research suggests that scientists suspect this to be true and have conducted studies that show omega 3 can significantly reduce chronic migraines.

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These results have not been accepted by the medical profession, so researchers and their research on omega 3, have remained hidden from most doctors. Even neurologists won’t recommend omega 3 supplements to treat migraines because they don’t know how powerful this fatty acid is.

Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil have been recognized as a great supplement for cardiovascular health. You need to consume more omega 3 fatty acids than you can get from eating tuna melts every other day. You need to take omega 3 daily as a supplement to your health and mental well-being.

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A fish oil supplement that is made from salmon should be preferred to those made from tuna or other fish. Arctic Circle salmon live in the purest, most clear waters in the world, making them far more nutritious than commercial tuna and mackerel. Only Arctic Circle salmon flesh is used to make salmon oil. It is also certified to be free from any toxins, pesticides, or fungicides. It’s also 100% pure omega 3, just like nature intended.