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Wussten Sie das schon über Migräne-Kopfschmerzen?

After all of the news coverage, all of the education, all of the articles, lots of men and women continue to be contused about precisely what”migraine headache” is. It may surprise you to know that this has been quite a subject of controversy. And it matters – even now a lot of folks are taking drugs that they don’t have to take – all due to a misunderstanding over the term. Fine.

Was sind Migräne-Kopfschmerzen?

Well, perhaps it’s important to explain what it isn’t. First, it isn’t just a bad headache. In actuality, though migraine headaches can be unbelievably painful, completely debilitating many individuals, other attacks may only involve a little bit of pain. Sometimes a tension headache can be more debilitating than a migraine headache, and you will find other classified headaches which are often more painful.

Second, migraine headache and migraine are two distinct things. Headache is truly only a symptom of migraine – in actuality, only a possible symptom. That’s right, lots of individuals have migraine attacks with no headache in any way! So just because you have migraine doesn’t mean that you will find a headache. So just what is migraine? Migraine is the term for a neurological disorder, which shows up in common ways.

Commonly there’s a one-sided headache, often accompanied by nausea or sensitivity to sound or light. There are other common symptoms, and your doctor can help you sort out whether you have migraine or a different disease. You can imagine why this causes confusion when it comes to taking supplements and drugs. An increasing number of supplements are targeting specific health conditions. The same is true for drugs, like painkillers. For instance, someone can have a horrible headache that they can not appear to eliminate. They figure it should be migraine, and so reach for a migraine painkiller.


They may be taking drugs they don’t require. And when a person does have migraine, they may reach for a drug made to treat migraine headache (like Excedrin Migraine), believing it is going to help. What they may not realize is that some of them only goal the headache itself, and do not deal with the other symptoms. There are medications out there that get more into the root of the issue, stopping the migraine chain-reaction from beginning, and attacking lots of the associated symptoms.

A Consumer Reports tester from the title of Trisha Brandon, addressed another issue in a recent post: Lots of over-the-counter medications frequently have multiple ingredients to deal with several symptoms at the same time, but you might not need all those ingredients. For those who get a new headache, or a change on your aggravation, or even the worst headache you’ve ever had, it is vital that you get to a doctor for a proper diagnosis.


Do your own research, and if at all possible get another opinion. If you have migraine, especially if the attacks are routine, look at a medication or supplement designed to treat not only the headache, but the entire migraine attack. Even better, try lots of the exceptional alternative treatments which have been successful helping many who have migraine. And remember – what you have is migraine. One symptom may be headache, but let us help teach people who migraine is far more. And let us work together to combat it!