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Is a family member suffering from head lice? Although the insects do not transmit disease, they can spread and become a problem if they are not treated. There are so many options and treatments available that it can be difficult to choose the most effective. The effectiveness of treatment for an infestation may vary from person to person. It is important that all family members and close friends are notified of any possible infestation.


There are many options for treatment, including prescriptions, over-the counter medications, natural home remedies, and the like. Vinegar and other similar products could be the answer to your problems.

White vinegar is a common home remedy for lice infestations. It can be used at home to treat other conditions and ailments. It also has remarkable cleaning and deodorizing capabilities. Vinegar is used for its ability to dissolve strong adhesives such as glue lice that attaches nits (eggs-of-louse) to hair. White vinegar is a popular choice because it kills the parasitic insects that crawl around their scalps. Its effectiveness is due to its ability to remove nits. To facilitate the process, you should use a “nit comb”. The vinegar has a slightly unpleasant odour. Vinegar is not a complete solution.

To remove eggs, you will need a nit-comb. The eggs are so small that they can fit between the teeth of a regular comb. It is recommended that you use a nit or lice-comb, which has very tight teeth and close knits, to ensure that the nits are removed when you comb.

Other products such as olive oil and mayonnaise have also been proven to be effective in treating infestations. These can be substituted for vinegar but you will need to use a lice comb. Any oil is only meant to loosen eggs from hair and not to kill them.

Tea tree oils are another home remedy for lice infestation that has been proven to work. It has a menthol-like smell and acts as a fungicide, antibacterial and germicide, as well as an antiseptic. Many people have chosen this natural ingredient to counter and prevent infestations because of its many properties.


Many people prefer the natural way to eliminate their infestation, as chemical pesticides are becoming more dangerous. They are easy to find as they are primarily household items. They also come clean after each use. These natural treatments can be more comfortable than commercial chemical products, even though they may cause some discomfort. You’ll soon be free from lice problems if you use the right products.