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Kann die Homöopathie die Migräne lindern?

My migraine was diagnosed when I was 36 yrs . old. As with many migraine patients the debilitating attacks occurred every week, affecting my capability to function and business lead a ‘normal life’. To get relief and help, my very first port of call had been to my General Practitioner who was simply many unsympathetic, implying that three small children, moving home and working had been bound to truly have a detrimental impact on my health insurance and the combination of stresses acquired ‘chosen’ to manifest by means of migraine.

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When I questioned for suggestions for reduction, anti-depressants were offered because the ‘best span of action’. The GP furthermore intimated that with time the migraines may possibly disappear; or even a hysterectomy could be the response! I wasn’t questioned if any other family had similar troubles. Nor was I warned concerning the possible side-results of the anti-depressants, like the possible of becoming addicted. The complete visit was over within 5 minutes, I left the surgical procedure reluctantly clutching a prescription. Ideally this is an atypical experience, and Gps navigation nowadays are more sympathetic.

I made a decision to carry out research in to the side effects these anti-depressant medications could induce. I had been horrified to find that the outward symptoms I suffered, headache, nausea or vomiting, difficulty concentrating etc. could possibly be further aggravated, and there have been other potential side results such as sexual dysfunction, hair thinning and abdominal pain.

What Now?

My instant instinct was to toss the prescription away; by no means did I want those chemicals inside me, possibly doing untold longterm damage to my own body. Neither did I’d like a hysterectomy, as my migraines didn’t coincide with monthly hormone changes. I had tried all of the well-meaning advice from family and friends: for instance cut right out possible dietary triggers, have significantly more sleep, avoid tension.


When none of the worked, I made a decision to take the complementary treatment route, and a pal suggested that homeopathy could possibly be of benefit. The usage of homeopaths had not been as widely known since it is today and several people inferred that their procedures were considerably dubious. Unperturbed and motivated to find someone to assist me I used the neighborhood telephone directory to search out registered homeopaths, lastly arranging a short consultation with the main one who seemed probably the most genuinely serious and worried about my plight during our introductory phone discussion.

When I arrived, the homeopath started explaining at length the ‘like-for-like’ concepts of homeopathy. She had not been at all offended or alarmed by my queries about her instruction and qualifications, the solutions to that have been most reassuring. My entire life and health background were discussed comprehensive, including genealogy of migraine and my sister’s epilepsy and the ideas I had that my head aches were a sign of me developing exactly the same, which terrified me. We furthermore discussed my present and previous emotional claims and the holistic method of finding suitable relief. Through the discussion I described that my migraine generally started behind the head and pass on predominantly to the proper temple, along with a pounding, throbbing discomfort and was worsened by lighting, noise, jarring and cold fingers and feet.


Out of this and cautious questioning about other living and family elements, the homeopath figured Belladonna would be good for me. She explained that Belladonna is also referred to as Deadly Nightshade. I had been relatively alarmed by this and expressed my worries over using this type of toxic and sometimes deadly plant. The homeopath comprehended my worries, and agreed that it might be dangerous to utilize Belladonna for self-help, minus the supervision of a professional practitioner, who would understand the right dilution to use.

Being an aside, Belladonna means ‘stunning eye’ in Italian and preparations of it had been used in times gone-by to dilate the pupils and create females appear more alluring and attractive. But after that, I was interested to discover that the therapeutic usage of Belladonna has been identified for over 500 years and contains proven beneficial in lots of different homeopathic treatments. I was relieved to discover that atropine, derived from Belladonna, can be an component of some over-the-counter cough medications.


My homeopath explained which should Belladonna not be helpful there were other homeopathic treatments such as for example Sanguinarine, which is utilized to treat migraines with comparable symptoms but associated with vomiting, which seldom happened in my case. So that it had been agreed that Belladonna be recommended initially. The recommended dosage, for me personally, was 3 tablets every morning and 3 during the night for 5 times. She then asked me another for assessment inside a week. She furthermore suggested me to exclude cheese, chocolate, caffeine and alcoholic beverages for the moment, while keeping a headaches diary make it possible for triggers to be determined and discussed during potential future consultations. I continued going to the homeopath on a weekly schedule for several months, even while continuing to take everyday doses of Belladonna that have been gradually reduced.