Wie kann ich meine Energie steigern?

Want to feel more energetic? Many people do – our contemporary lifestyles are not exactly conducive to physical health, and our energy levels often suffer consequently. Fortunately, with so much room for improvement, just making small changes can help you feel a lot better, and you do not need to […]

Wie lebe ich totale Wellness?

Our bodies are not able to breakdown and discard pesticides or synthetics. They have stored in your fatty tissue. Once there, they deaden nerve centers resulting in decreased nervous system communication. If you’re prone to some genetic disease does this mean it will attest? Perhaps the hidden offenders surrounding us […]

Welche Art von Asthma-Behandlung sollte ich anwenden?

Traditionally, Asthma is investigated and called a condition, which affects the respiratory track of their lungs. Asthma can be classified into allergic and non-allergic or extrinsic, intrinsic and combined asthma. An intrinsic Asthma (Non-Allergic): Generally actuated by adrenal glands’ disease and psychological disorder like anxiety, tension and nervousness. Let’s understand […]

Macht Ginseng mich gesund?

Ginseng is a common herb found in the northern hemisphere, typically in cold regions like Siberia. It’s been used as a flavour in cooking but it has a reputation for fantastic health benefits. There’s evidence from Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries today it has been used to alleviate anxiety, assist […]

Was muss man über Massage wissen?

I tend to look at massage therapy independently of broader types of treatment, healing or other restorative practices or systems. I tend to do this because I’m cautious about allowing massage to be classified as a conventional treatment versus an alternative treatment. Let’s start There are a number of professionals […]

Kann ich meine Milz mit Feng Shui entgiften?

In Western literature the spleen has ever been denigrated and in medication mostly ignored. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Feng Shui revere the spleen as the official responsible for boosting the immune system. Together with its partner, the stomach, the spleen resonates with the earth element. Let’s start It’s the […]

Warum die Wut über alternative Medizin?

Alternative medicine has seemingly been the”NEW BLACK” from the area of medicine. A growing number of people are heading towards different kinds of maintaining healthy than the traditional run of the mill manner of doing things. Let’s see… Nearly everybody is thinking about or doing either reflexology or aromatherapy, acupuncture, […]

Sollte ich den Rationalisten glauben?

The addition of astrology from the UGC program a couple of years ago had given rise to an extreme one-sided argument from our scientific intelligentsia who appeared to be hell-bent upon stalling the implementation of such a move. Take note This movement had been termed as a component of the […]