Mann leidet unter Schwindelgefühlen mit Schwierigkeiten beim Aufstehen, während er sich an die Wand lehnt

Leiden Sie unter Migräne-Kopfschmerzen?

Migraine Headaches can set you on fire. Migraine headaches are a common problem worldwide. It’s a much more common problem than people realize. Migraine sufferers (or migraineurs if you prefer) are often dismissed by the general public as “..just a headache ..”.


These are often dismissed by people unless they actually have them. Employers are the worst culprits when it comes discriminating against migraine sufferers. Employers are more likely to view a migraine attack as “just a headache” than any other person in your job. Even more shocking is the fact that many company doctors, especially those in large corporations, have openly stated they don’t believe migraine headaches.

In most countries, companies are legally required to provide “reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities.” Your employer is legally required to adapt your work environment to meet your needs, provided that it does not cost more than tens or thousands of dollars. Even if the process costs thousands of dollars, the company will receive tax breaks as part Government and State disability incentives.

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Does this mean that migraineurs should consider themselves disabled? It’s not. That’s bad karma. Bad migraines can be very severe, but they do pass eventually. Employers shouldn’t dismiss migraines as if they aren’t real. Employers have used the fact that their employees have migraines to justify making staff redundant. Employers don’t recognize the condition and the employee is just seen as taking too many sick leave days.

Companies are now looking at how many hours they lose each year due to migraine headaches. Some estimates have this amount at several billion dollars each year in lost time and revenue – globally. Migraineurs are considered “serial sickies” because they suffer from the Monday blues every day. When company doctors don’t recognize your condition, it can be difficult to defend your case when you face being fired. This is leading more people to sue former employers for unfair dismissal.


Big companies are finding new and more clever ways to fire employees and outsource work abroad because of the current economic climate. The recession is being used as an excuse. This can help you avoid headaches in the future. Make sure your coworkers are aware that you have migraines. It’s important to raise awareness about medical conditions. This will help people understand why you are sick or how your performance might be affected by a migraine attack. Migraine headaches can be real. They are very real. Do not let your migraines become an excuse for poor treatment at work. Are you tired of suffering from migraine headaches that pound your head?