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Are There Weight Loss Techniques That Work?

A recent news story highlighted a scientific study that concluded that 9/10 American men and 7/10 American women would become obese, or in more politically correct terms, “waistline challenged” or overweight. Although we know for years that obesity and excess body weight are major problems, the Annals of Internal Medicine report that the study may have revealed that these problems could be even worse than we thought.


Although the true cost of global obesity is unknown, they are undoubtedly staggering. The obesity costs do not only result in an unattractive body appearance. The serious adverse health consequences that can follow are more dangerous in the long-term. Obesity is associated with higher rates of certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

While obesity and being overweight are most likely to have the greatest adverse consequences, people with a more moderate weight problem can also be subject to negative consequences. These consequences can have a negative impact on the quality and quantity of their lives.

Wussten Sie schon?

Being moderately overweight increases the risk of sleep apnea, raises cholesterol, and can increase blood pressure, all of which are well-known contributors to heart disease. Yahoo quotes Mark Vanderweg, a Mayo Clinic researcher, as saying that the study’s findings “add to an increasing body of evidence that makes… it increasingly obvious that more effective prevention strategies and treatment strategies are needed.” I don’t think the phrase “growing body evidence” was meant to be a pun.

He is correct, and more importantly, we need better prevention. We also need better solutions for those who cannot prevent the problem. These solutions are urgently needed or the cost to society and all the affected people will increase. In another article, “Rapid Personal Change”, I mentioned common techniques for personal change and their applications. As you may have guessed, Weight Loss is one of the most common applications.

Body Weight

Your body weight includes your bones, your muscles, your tendons, etc. These are important and you don’t want them to go. Excessive fat is harmful and useless. That is what you want to lose, or at least avoid gaining. Healthy weight loss is also known as fat loss. For simplicity, we’ll simply call it weight loss. There are many ways to lose weight, depending on how many factors are present.

Two approaches I believe offer the greatest chance of lasting success for the most people are: Before I get into the details, let’s first give you some background. You are likely to have tried many times to lose weight and/or make positive changes in your life. You have probably failed many times. Although you may have had mixed results on occasion, you did not experience lasting success.

Conscious Thinking

People try to lose weight or make other improvements in their CONSCIOUS thinking. The two main drivers of behavior are (1) SUBconscious thought – the beliefs and images that we have unknowingly internalized over many years or decades — and (2) the degree to which the body’s energy system is in balance versus disruption. If our subconscious minds have deeply embedded beliefs and images such as “I am meant for fat” or “I don’t like the opposite sex,” then we must change them to live happy, healthy, harmonious lives.

You cannot change them if you rely only on your conscious level of thought. This would be similar to trying to get rid of weeds in your garden by cutting the weeds, but leaving the roots. You must address the root cause of your problems to make lasting and effective improvements.


You can do this by either balancing your bodily energy flow using a technique called EFT (which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique) or by working directly with the subconscious level via hypnosis which is a mind-energy state. For lasting weight loss and other major personal changes, it is best to use both EFT as well as hypnosis. However, either one can work just fine. You can work on your subconscious level or on your body’s energy system. The goal is to remove negative beliefs and images from your mind and replace them with positive, empowering ones.

This will naturally lead to the behavior and results you desire. This is what the best coaching services and products today do and it is why they work so well. Hypnosis can be a natural, beneficial human phenomenon. It is not scary or strange as Hollywood portrays it.