Nahaufnahme Die gelbe Blüte des Teufelsdorns (wissenschaftlicher Name Tribulus terrestris) mit unscharfen Blättern.

Gibt es natürliche chinesische Hausmittel gegen Zehennagelpilz?

Toenail fungal infections are caused by live fungi on the nail and around it. The nail can be on the toe, finger, hands, or legs. Fungus thrives in moist and dark places. It loves to grow and spread in a wet environment. The nail is a strong structure with small structures around it such as nail-beds, cuticles, and so on.

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Although the nail is tightly attached to the skin, there is very little space between them. This is a good place for fungus to live and grow. Even after washing, these micro-spaces are still wet and moist. The nail protects the fungus, and it can now digest your important structure inside and around the nails. There are many remedies that can be used to treat and prevent fungal infections of the nails. These infections can also be treated with Chinese medicines.

Chinese medicines have been used for centuries to treat various health conditions. Many Chinese home remedies, including Citri reticulate and Atractylodis alaba, Poria cocos and Cinnamomi, Alismatis and Poly Polus, have been used to treat fungal infections, including toenail-fungus.

Chinese herbs

Combinations of Chinese herbs make the product highly effective against fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails. The ‘Fungo Off” remedy, which contains plantago, atractylodis and dictamnus as well as alisma, Tribulus, kochia and cicade muulting, is extremely effective against fungal infections. This remedy is effective against fungal infections, and it also works well for yeast, tineas, and other skin infections.

Local research supports this combination as having superior results to any oral anti-fungal medication that may have side effects. This remedy is cheaper and more effective than any other treatment for toenail fungus. There are many Chinese preparations that can be used to treat skin conditions, including toenail fungus.


People prefer the ‘Fungo cream’, which is another natural Chinese lotion that can kill fungus. It can also stop it from spreading under or around the nails. This amazing lotion contains dictamium and borel as well as cnidium in a vinegar-sugar solution. The solution creates a toxic environment for the fungus, which is effectively killed. You can apply the lotion for no more than five minutes to the nail.

You can speed up healing and enhance the therapy with the help of the ‘Fungo Balm,’ another great Chinese remedy. Fungo Balm is made up of gypsum and zinc oxide. It also contains sophora, kochiae, licorice, and sophora. This preparation has been used in Chinese medicine to treat many fungal infections, including tinea infections, athlete’s feet, ringworm, and tinea infections. Balm has the ability to clear the body of dampness and increase immunity, which can lead to faster and safer healing of health conditions.