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Gibt es Methoden, um Ihren Geist zu stärken?

I’ve practiced alternative health and healing therapies for ages. I still use lots of these practices during my daily life, as daily routines, to help me reach a better distance, and feel like I am in charge of my life, instead of the other way round! So, let’s begin. Just bear in mind that since these work for me, they might not always work for you, but hopefully they will.


Let’s go over the 5 easy, but very effective methods that I use when I want a small self-healing.

  • Take a couple of minutes and breathe. I know it might seem a little’out there’ but breathing is quite strong, particularly deep breathing. Try this either sitting, or standing. Learn how to practice deep breathing in which you inhale to a count of 3 and exhale to a count of 4. Breathe in deep, but your inhale will be shorter than your exhale. Breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your barely parted lips to do this correctly. Do this five or six days in a row, and then unwind. Try to fill up your diaphragm completely from the surface of your torso to your groin region. Make it a very deep breath and imagine that you’re breathing in strength and power and breathing out pain and regret. Stand strong and be watchful of your posture as you do your breathing exercises.
  • Establish an objective for how you want something to flip out. If I’m expecting to start something new, or bring something into my life, the first step is to determine just what it is I need to do (or have) and take only a moment or 2 and meditate on that intention, letting it flow into my mind. Then, I do one more simple thing, I open my listen to accepting this into my life. Sometimes that little idea alone can help bring something about. Here’s an illustration. Let’s say I am searching for a way to heal a relationship with a friend. If I only decide that is what I need, and consider it during a brief meditation, and eventually open up to what will come to me, it is almost certain that in the following day or so, some alternative (a publication, or useful comment) comes up which gives me exactly what I want to heal that relationship.
  • Use essential oils and aromatherapy to set a mood. Don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy. I’ve used this for many years in my own life, and it could really make a difference. Select a few essential oils that you like and select a burner, or diffuser or atomizer (mister) that will slowly fill your room with a potent smell. It’s been proven which are brains really will be triggered by smells and that we can improve performance and our own lives with this simple pleasure. Whenever you need to sleep comfortably it is really going to help. It’s also great for eliminating stress and anxiety and it just makes you feel happy! Add a drop of Orange if you would like to spice it up a little and get a boost of energy also. If you’re creating the mix for a smaller area you might need to cut the amount of drops.
  • Proceed and meditate. This is a powerful healing tool I have been using for several years. Meditation is incredible for assisting you to relax. Find any meditation technique that is appropriate for you (there are hundreds of them) and stick with it. You might choose to use music with your meditation, or simply meditate in complete silence; either way works fine. It’s completely free and it can do wonders for soothing your spirit and letting you connect with your higher self.
  • Just be. Learn how to practice being in the present moment. Just concentrate on what’s happening right here, right now. Think of what’s around you, and with you at this very moment. Focus on just 1 thing and learn more about the significance of it in your life. If you’re busy at work try to simply concentrate on the job you’re working on and nothing else. Stay in ultimate and complete focus on what you’re doing at the moment.


By practicing these 5 easy measures to fostering your soul you too may realize that you’re happy for longer periods of time and that there is less stress on your life. You may believe that you calm, peaceful and joyous in your actions during the day, and best of all you may believe your spirit was lifted.