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Gibt es Home UTI Remedies, die funktionieren?

Many people are now looking for home remedies for UTIs, as antibiotics often fail to work. This is likely due to the fact that antibiotics don’t work for everyone. Fact! Fact! Unfortunately antibiotics are still the best treatment doctors can provide. However, thousands of people will treat their infection at home with natural remedies.


Home remedies could outperform antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria. If only bad bacteria was living in your urinary tract, this would be the ideal treatment. Your urinary tract is home to billions of ‘good bacteria’ and the E coli bacteria that causes your UTI. Antibiotics can’t distinguish between the good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. They kill them all. This will cause your urinary tract to become unbalanced, making it more susceptible to a second infection.

This is why natural health doctors have argued for years that a home remedy can be more effective than antibiotics. These home remedies are recommended for anyone who is a frequent sufferer of UTIs.


These are five simple, yet powerful tips.

  • For fighting urinary tract infections, healthy kidney function is essential. Alfalfa juice concentrate can significantly improve kidney function. The body can improve kidney function by eliminating toxins and increasing the flow of urine.
  • Cranberry tablets are also beneficial for sufferers. The compound found in cranberries is known to prevent bacteria from adhering on the walls of your urinary tract. Daily cranberry tablet supplementation is recommended.
  • Many of our customers have discovered that dried bilberry (blueberry), berries, and leaves of the blueberry plant are effective in treating and preventing urinary tract infection. Bilberry extracts are an anti-inflammatory that can prevent the spread of UTI bacteria.
  • Goldenseal root can also be used to treat viral and bacterial infections. You can take it as a tea, capsule, or tincture several times daily. This herb has antimicrobial, antiviral and soothing properties. It will soothe inflamed tissue and allow your body quickly to fight the bacteria that causes the UTI.
  • One cup of nettle leaf tea, up to six times per day, can flush your bladder and relieve your system. The anti-inflammatory properties of nettle can reduce swelling and pain that often accompany an infection.