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A good home remedy is something everyone loves. These home remedies are often cost-effective, easy to use, and feel good because they don’t require a doctor or pharmacist. There will be someone out there who has a solution to your problem. There are many home remedies for chronic bad breath.

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These include drinking water laced in lemon juice and mint leaves, as well as scraping your tongue twice daily. They are safe and effective, provided the cure doesn’t involve dangerous or untested substances. Although parsley and mint may not be everyone’s favorite treat, many swear to it as a way to eliminate bad odors from the mouth after eating garlic or dairy products.

Contrary to regular tea’s dehydrating effects, herbal teas can freshen the mouth and hydrate the body. Bad breath can be treated by putting a few drops of peppermint oil under your tongue. Clove oil can also be used, but it can taste unpleasant to some people and remind them of the dentist’s office. You can also chew sunflower seeds. After that, rinse with plenty of water and give it a good shake.

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Tongue scraping is a popular home remedy for bad breath. It is as simple as scraping the tongue of any coating and eliminating any bacteria hiding places. You can buy special tongue scrapers at pharmacies or use a spoon you have on hand. Keep it clean, and if it is not stainless steel, change it often. Bad breath can be controlled by keeping your body hydrated.

The more dry your mouth is, the more unpleasant it can be. This can happen after strenuous exercise, or when you’re really thirsty. Get water throughout the day. A toothbrush at work and one at home is the best way to maintain a clean mouth.


Although it may be called a “home remedy” for bad breath, everyone knows that keeping your mouth and teeth clean will make it less likely for bacteria to grow. Keep a small, purse-sized packet of dental floss on you. Before you leave a restaurant or enter a meeting, floss quickly and go to the bathroom. All the home remedies will not work if you have underlying conditions that are causing your halitosis. If you feel that you need more advice, consult your dentist or doctor.