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Gibt es gute Hausmittel gegen Sinus-Infektionen?

Sinusitis can be a painful, uncomfortable allergy that can cause a blocked nose, a headache, and sometimes a mild fever. There are many sinus infection home remedies that are effective. Because everyone is different, you will need to try different sinus infection home remedies. The beauty of sinus infection home remedies is that they are all safe and don’t have side effects like antibiotics.


These are the key ingredient in fruits and vegetables. They help our body fight off harmful free radicals. Wholemeal bread, vegetable oils, and oily fish all contain antioxidants that are an important part of a healthy diet.

  • This concoction of juices is 100 ml each of cucumber and beet juices, 200 ml each of spinach juice, 300 ml carrot juice. This drink is a great home remedy for sinus infections because it contains all the antioxidants Vitamin A and C to treat your sinus infection.
  • Mangoes are a great sinus infection home remedy if you love mangoes. They contain high levels of vitamin A, which can prevent frequent sinus attacks.
  • A popular home remedy for sinus infections is to inhale the steam from a few drops of pine or eucalyptus essential oil and then heat some water. It clears the nasal canal of any mucus and is very soothing. My friend tried the 3 plant extracts of clove, cinnamon, and thyme. Her sinuses cleared up in 3 days. She told me that this is a miracle sinus treatment and would recommend it to anyone suffering from sinus problems.
  • QiGong is an ancient Chinese exercise that involves movement, breathing, meditation and meditation. It can tone your abdominal muscles and increase your lung capacity. To reap the health benefits of this exercise, it must be done correctly.


We must be responsible and take steps to treat our sinus allergy. This includes changing our lifestyles and diets, and exploring other safe and effective home remedies.