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Gibt es einfache Heilmittel für Ringelflechte?

Ringworm can be very irritating if you’ve ever been infected. This infection can be treated with a few simple steps. This applies not only to you but to your pet, cat, dog or other pet. It is common knowledge that you need to first determine if you have ringworm before making any efforts to treat it.

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It is impossible to treat something you don’t know you have. The whole process is quite simple in humans. Ringworm can be detected in most cases within 10 days of being exposed. Ringworm is diagnosed when you notice rashes on your skin. These rashes will become more severe and eventually form a ring-like spot on your skin. This is what causes ringworm, a fungus infection. This patch will appear high above the skin’s surface.

You will need to inspect your hair closely to determine if the infection is on your scalp. Ringworm can be easily diagnosed by looking for signs such as hair loss. It is a different story when it comes to your pets. Ringworm is not something you can detect as easily on your skin.


Ringworm infection in pets is likely to be hidden by their fur. To detect ringworm in pets, you must look at the fur-free area, such as the ears. Because there is not much fur, the rashes will be exposed. Ringworm can be treated by anyone. Many people ignore this step and just go to the pharmacy to purchase antifungal cream. The doctor can help you determine the extent of your infection. This will help you decide what treatment to use.

If the infection is not severe, the doctor will only recommend antifungal cream. If the infection is severe, your doctor may recommend that you use oral medication. Many people also have found home remedies that work well for them. Raw papaya is a good remedy. Simply cut the fruit into small pieces and rub the pieces on infected areas. Ringworm is difficult to treat.


Ringworm is best treated early. If it is not detected, it can be treated with luck and diligence. As we have said, it is easier to detect ringworm if you look at your pet’s ears. The next step is to treat your pet once you have identified the ringworm. To have your pet examined by a vet, you will need to take it to him. The vet might recommend that you use an antifungal cream if the infection is not severe. If the infection is severe, your vet may recommend lime sulphur.

You will then dip your cat in the solution to ensure it reaches all areas. You can reach areas that were otherwise hidden by fur. No matter what situation you’re in, hygiene is the key to effective treatment of ringworm. Ringworm can recur without proper hygiene.


Ringworm can be treated. It is much easier to detect ringworm in humans than it is in animals. You just need to be aware of the signs of itching or rashes in humans. You will need to inspect the ear of your cat in order to determine if it is healthy. You must be consistent and quick in treating ringworm. This is the only way to prevent ringworm from spreading to other areas of the house.