Porträt eines älteren Mannes, der an Migräne leidet

Ist Migräne vermeidbar?

Annually, migraines affect more than 25 million people. The sad truth is that even though most people find relief with medication, the headaches never go away. It always returns. It can cause loss of time, quality and cost-savings.


There are many factors that can trigger migraine headaches, so it is difficult to find a treatment. Traditional research has identified vascular irregularities, genetic predispositions, hormones, hormonal problems, and fluctuations in pain-regulating chemical Serotonin as the main causes of migraine headaches.

However, alternative medical practitioners are looking for the mechanisms underneath these conditions such as stress, food allergies and environmental sensitivities. James Braly MD, an allergy specialist in Hollywood, Florida states that food allergies are the cause of 85% of migraine headaches. Dr. Braly’s experience was confirmed by a study published in The Lancet medical journal.

Gut zu wissen

The study found that 92% of migraine sufferers experienced relief when allergenic foods were removed from their diets. Many patients were allergic to multiple foods. Not surprisingly, most of the allergens were favorites of the patients. The most common culprits were cow’s milk and eggs, wheat, cheese, and cheese. Food colorings and preservatives were also common.

Double-blind testing also showed that migraine pain would return if these foods were added to the diet of the study group. Headaches are often caused by stress or hormones. Migraines are much less common if food allergies are removed. Even if migraines are hormonally triggered, migraines can be reduced or eliminated once “all allergies” have been eliminated. Migraines are over.


NAET (pronounced “nate”) is a holistic method that permanently resolves food allergies. NAET practitioners include medical doctors, nurses and homeopaths as well as chiropractors, acupuncturists and acupuncturists. My many years of experience with food allergies has taught me how to identify and understand each biochemical nuances. Many food reactions are delayed, sometimes occurring hours later or even the next morning.

People don’t realize that they are sensitive to certain foods. Permanently removing migraine headaches can be done, although not magically or in an instant. It takes time, and often less than one year. It would be ideal if migraines could be caused by a specific factor, such as a virus or genetic mutation. However, science will not be able to determine the cause of migraines. We need to concentrate on what provides long-lasting relief. My clinical experience shows that migraine triggers can be eliminated and all symptoms can be eliminated.