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Hvad er nøglerne til at slippe af med akne?

You do not have to simply sit back and take . Nobody likes to get gingivitis, and the more you have, the less likely you are going to feel like leaving the house. If you have a big presentation at work coming up, or a date with a new individual, or if the following day is the first day of school and you have got pimples, you are likely to need to see them gone straight away.

Hvad skal jeg gøre?

Your mom may have told you that you have to simply wash your a lot and await acne to take its normal course. That could take a week or longer to occur, and you can not wait that long. If you’re this sort of position, you want to understand the four most essential keys to eliminate acne fast.

Yes, you do need to keep your face clean. Acne is caused by germs, and grime is the best breeding ground for germs. You will need to be washing your face every single day, but twice per day is preferable. Don’t use any fancy or harsh soaps. An easy, mild and warm is fine. Anything more challenging will just irritate your . Apply a moderate as you wash your face, then tap (do not rub) dry (rubbing can make pimples more red and inflamed).

Apply toner. You might have been advised that toner is not really crucial to good , which is true when you do not have acne. However, a good, powerful toner will dry up pimples and shrink your pores, which will make it less probable new pimples will form.

Apply træ into your pimples. is an , oil which may be found in shops. It will dry up your pimples in only a night or two. Cover your pimples in tea tree oil using a cotton ball, cover them with bandages, and leave it on overnight, nightly, until the pimples are gone.

Drink lots of water. Water keeps your skin hydrated from the inside and discourages from sticking around. Try to have at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day for a few days. Even if your pimples have vanished before then, keeping your skin hydrated will help ensure that they do not return.


If you do all four of those items, you should see a drastic reduction or complete disappearance of your acne in less than a week. Sometimes, acne can clean up even earlier (tea tree oil is particularly helpful in this respect).