Skiver af friske økologiske rødbeder som baggrund

Hvad skal man spise naturlige fødevarer?

Summer in North America is filled with summer sports, warm weather and a sense to renew. Produce? Produce? Wow, produce. You would think that summer is all about good local food, especially if you come from a place with fruit trees and fruit bushes. Why is it that the Cookie wins? Is it lack will power? Let’s face facts, junk food is a real addiction that is driven by sugar.

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The Midwest rural lifestyle is very different from the urban areas. A few years ago, I sought the help of a Certified Iridologist. She wanted to address my gut problem because that is where your immune system is at its best. My body needed to go from being acidic to alkaline. This is difficult when sugary foods are daily staples. In 2013 I eliminated sugar for eight months. I felt better, even though my weight loss was minimal.

I also stopped eating gluten for five months. I lost weight quickly. The new food choices were a struggle in our household where the “he cooks” and “she cleans”. As you can probably guess, there was a trigger. I went to a holiday dinner that I didn’t want to attend. I felt uncomfortable sitting with relatives that I didn’t know. The best homemade cookies ever with homemade icing were born.

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We’ve all seen the potato chip commercial, “You can’t eat just one.” It was so for far too long. It was a difficult task to eliminate gluten from the diet of a man who loves pasta and bread. Eliminating sugar and gluten was expensive. It is more expensive to eat healthier food. Xylitol is a natural sweetener made from Non-GMO corn, birch and other non-GMO ingredients. I have used Xylitol to make homemade jams, jelly and heath bars candy made with 100% cacao. Xylitol is not low in calories but better for your health. My skeletal structure is full of arthritis. I also have allergies.

Sugar is one of the worst foods because it feeds Candida, which is the underlying cause for arthritis, allergies, and many other chronic conditions. Sugar feeds cancer. The Midwest is awash with carcinogen-producing manufacturing facilities. The added sugar will ensure your early death and suffering, especially when you consider toxic water supplies, soil, and air. These ailments can be overcome with proper diet and exercise.


Many people, including myself, don’t know how to make natural foods that taste great and look good enough to eat. You will notice a difference in the taste of natural foods once you start using them. We have accepted sugar-laden and chemically altered foods as normal because we “consumers”, didn’t know how bad some of those foods were. Your body will eventually crave good food.

After your body has been cleansed of all chemicals and sugars, it will be able to reject fast food and surgical foods. I know how harmful sugar can be, but I still crave it. I recall watching a TV show where a recovering addict said that although I am no longer addicted, I still crave sugar. Sugar is my addiction. I was impressed by the importance of natural pesticide-free and antibiotic-free foods. We have enough plants to feed our two children, grandchildren, and neighbors. The Iridologist stressed the importance of honey unpasteurized and advised that it be used sparingly.


It has a very long shelf-life. Experts believe honey can be stored for hundreds to thousands of years. Honey is a wonderful food. We are fortunate to have beekeepers close by. In the last few years, as high as 75% of bee populations have been lost. It is imperative that we do not use pesticides or herbicides. The truth is that people who strive for the perfect lawn are contributing towards the decline in our bee population. For continued growth, bees require clover, dandelions and other wildflowers.

Because soybeans and Corn do not provide nectar for bees, farmers who plant them have also contributed to their decline. Folks, if there are no bees, the food chain will become very thin. It is important to grow as much as possible in an Eco-Green way. It is important to support and buy from local growers and farmers.

Natural recipes

It will make it easy to eat healthy, with fresh produce, vegetables, and grass-fed animals. Ironic, then, that there are so many books with recipes for healthier diets in a world where the environment is rapidly changing. The Pyramid of natural food is what everyone should eat. You and your body will enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet that is rich in natural foods. Your local growers and farmers should provide natural foods.

Always ensure that meats are from grass-fed animals and not chemically altered or treated grass. The “Corporate” idea of exporting our products and importing products to make a profit must be stopped. While some crops are not possible here, a large number of people would starve if they didn’t receive help from other countries. American citizens eat only what is available locally and use natural recipes to create delicious meals.