Hvordan kan jeg håndtere klynge-migræne?

My companion has been coping with cluster migraines recent weeks. It is a horrific, horrible irritation that’s causing a lot of turmoil in our existence. It’s affecting their efficiency at the job and causing arguments in the home. They’re tired, in pain and incredibly frustrated by what’s happening. Anyone out there who’s scanning this and suffers terribly with cluster migraines wouldn’t desire it on the worst enemy.

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It is a rare type of headaches occurring at the same time each day for 12 weeks. It could happen seasonally or for just a month. Following the time period passes, a person might not experience another cluster headaches for weeks, months, as well as years. Cluster migraines start extremely suddenly, and for reasons uknown it usually only hits men.

The throbbing is often behind or about one eye. The discomfort affects the attention and nose on a single side, and sometimes, causes it to become crimson, swollen and runny. For reasons uknown, it also appears to cause restlessness. That is why it’s important to make an effort to remain as calm as you possibly can during a cluster strike.

Proper Sleep

You want to adhere to a routine and stay away from altering your sleep pattern. As soon as a cluster migraine has began, any changes in sleep behaviors makes matters worse. Drinking alcoholic beverages during this time period also seems to bring about an attack, making it vital that you avoid it and soon you know the cluster strike is over.

Stress may also aggravate the episodes, and unfortunately, the head aches may begin right when you’re starting to relax from the stressful period that you experienced. Other triggers could be certain medications, large smoking, or abnormal degrees of certain hormones within your body. If you’ve been experiencing serious cluster migraines, then it is important you see a physician as soon as possible.


The main element is getting a treatment or selection of medication which has the strongest influence on the headaches with the tiniest possible amount of side-effects. Usually your physician will prescribe two separate forms of medicine, with one to be studied through the entire cluster period. This can work to directly decrease the quantity of cluster migraines you obtain.

The second medicine is taken to cope with the severe discomfort, as attacks usually seriously so quickly it really is impossible to get professional medical help. Cluster migraines are therapy either with medication or with natural options – or a mixture of both. Whatever treatment you choose just be sure you take activity to reduce the quantity of downtime you experience these headaches.


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