Lymfeknuder er små, bønneformede kirtler i hele kroppen. De er en del af lymfesystemet, som transporterer væske (lymfevæske), næringsstoffer og affaldsstoffer mellem kroppens væv og blodbanen.

Hvordan fungerer det lymfatiske system?

The Lymphatic System plays an essential role in the immune system. It’s made up of a collection of nodes and conduits. These conduits carry a sort of clear fluid that’s called lymph. The lymph system is also composed of lymphoid tissue and lymph vessels. The lymphatic system fills lots of functions however when the body had to be compared to a town then a the lymphatic system may be thought of as the sewer although its much more complex than that.


Though more than simply cleaning out your body it also does a variety of different things like transport immune system in your bones. The lymph system is proven to help fight cancer. It’s the lymph systems job to transfer the cancer to lymph nodes where they’re destroyed. However sadly the lymph nodes aren’t always effective and lymph nodes are known to become the sites of secondary tumors. There are two parts to the lymph system.

The first part is made up of the running systems. Including the lymph capillaries the lymph vessels and the thoracic cavity in addition to the right lymphatic duct. The Thoracic duct is the largest organ in the lymph system. Where the other organs in the lymph system are responsible for combating diseases and infections the thoracic duct is responsible for collecting nearly all the lymph in the human body and drains the body . The organs of the lymph system can be broken into 3 parts.

Primary lymphoid organs, secondary lymphoid organs, and lymph nodes. The major lymphoid organs are responsible for producing lymphocytes that are a sort of white blood cells. It’s made up of the thymus and the marrow in your bones.

The secondary lymphoid organs “train” the lymphocytes. Where the key organs produce the lymphocytes so the body has big reserve of white blood cells once your body is attacked by a strong virus.


When the virus comes then the organs morph the already made reservations to especially fight this virus. They also send out the snowy lymphocytes into the place where that virus is located. They’re rather like garrisons where lymph travels to before they proceed into the thoracic duct and in which any dwelling viruses or bacteria they are carrying are killed. It’s also the areas in the body that”study” the virus also informs the thymus and the secondary organs how to train the new blood cells to specifically fight the disease. The lymph itself in which case the whole system is called after comes from the Latin word for water. The goal of the genuine lymph in the lymph system to carry dead cells and germs (and occasionally living pathogens) into the lymph nodes and the thoracic duct so that they can be filtered and be turned to waste.