Young woman with eyes closed enjoying in taste of food while eating with friends at dining table.

Kan du helbrede dine følelser med mad?

These foods can help you regulate your moods in a natural manner. Sorrow and despair: Reach for cauliflower, turnips and asparagus. These foods resonate with the resistance system, lungs and large intestine organs that in the Chinese medicine system are connected with processing emotional despair.


  • Asparagus naturally supports healthy bronchial tissues to open up the lungs when despair is causing you to feel as if you just can’t take a deep breath. The turnips and cauliflower help to back up your immunity system so the practice of living together and healing doesn’t leave you vulnerable to developing colds, flu and bacterial diseases. It can be hard enough just dealing with the psychological effect grief without the extra of getting physically ill. So, try these foods to help protect your health in a process of grieving.
  • Affirm as you eat these foods: I’m deeply and powerful in resistance. Anxiety: Reach for yellow/orange foods like pineapple, cantaloupe, and sweet potato (good for quelling cravings-and yes, you can microwave the potato for a fast snack although I do not recommend microwaving in general). Also, cinnamon and ginger teas can help quell anxiety. Similarly, a cup of butternut squash soup may also soothe anxiety. Look for varieties which are low in sugar.
  • In Chinese medicine, the foods which affect anxiety resonate with the gut and spleen energies, or “ground” energies. Thus, they enable a person return to center when feelings are powerful, which could also support processing different feelings like grief, , disappointment, anger, and fears.
  • Affirm as you eat these meals: I’m centered and strong. : Reach for deep like salmon or tuna. If you’re vegetarian, then reach for seaweed like nori, wakame and kombu. These foods resonate with the bladder and kidneys in the Chinese medicine system that we associate with the “water” component, which principles courage or anxieties. Sometimes fear can exist in reaction to scenarios all alone, or it might be a secondary psychological reaction to other psychological states.
  • As you consume these foods affirm: I am brave and powerful. Anger: Reach for any green leafy vegetables like spinach, mustard or collard greens, romaine lettuce or kale. Reach for spirulina, , green vegetable juices with small quantities of carbs. Anger from the Chinese medicine system resides with the “timber” organs of the liver and liver. When we encourage the health of these organs with the foods listed, we enable ourselves to get our sense of peace and calm even when things are happening which are naturally irritable or annoying.
  • These foods will let you access your normal patience and even if you’re feeling angry. Drink a bottle of a juice such as Suja uber greens that’s low in calories (and no I do not get paid to plug that product-I really drink that juice) when you’re in the middle of feeling angry. Or juice cucumbers, cilantro kale, lemon, green and peppermint yourself. It’s awesome how much calmer you’ll feel when you take a little to detoxify the liver and liver with healing foods.
  • Affirm as you eat these foods: Compassion and patience are overcoming frustration and anger. Nervous stress/excitement: Reach for almonds, sesame seeds or oil and spinach. These foods help to especially calm the heart energies associated with fast moving and that hyped up feeling that will not allow you to , rest or get concentrated in your own thoughts. Think about a fire going in several directions.