Existuje přírodní lék na revmatoidní artritidu?

A rheumatoid natural remedy works by treating the cause and rebuilding the joint with . The reason behind Rheumatoid arthritis was identified several years ago and successfully treated with a simple . However while doctors continue to debate this therapy, everyday individuals continue to suffer.

According to naturopath, doctor, a expert and veterinarian Dr Joel Wallach in his book,’Let’s Play Doctor’,”This was recognized and removed by the veterinary sector”. Dr Wallach contends that the cause of the disease is not a problem with your – it is brought on by a foreign organism like a or a virus attacking the joint capsule gland and the tendon sheaths of the fingers and feet.

And this then triggers the immune system response which involves , heat around the joint, illness and . To first start treating the disease – probably a pleuro-pneumonia or similar organism which causes upper respiratory and pneumonitis – you want to talk about options with your healthcare professional. One is an older antibiotic like minocycline as it’s few side-affects than its modern counterparts.

Co dělat?

You should discuss minocycline therapy with your healthcare practitioner – and if they are not interested, then you could always go an get another opinion. The process of rebuilding the joint and offering a rheumatoid arthritis natural remedy involves supplementation with the building blocks of this bone, combined and joint capsule. All 90 Essential Nutrients – a multi- supplement program between , minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Just to recap, for nutritional supplements to aid with a rheumatoid arthritis natural remedy, begin with the 90 Essential Nutrients that the body needs to attain decent health. This includes 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and essential fatty acids (which will also assist with natural pain relief). The addition of certain supplements that support healthy joints and bones like glucosamine/chondroitin and a natural pain relief remedy may also help.


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