Tmavé skvrny, pihy, hyperpigmentace (melasma nebo chloasma)

Proč vaše léčba akné nefunguje?

Often sufferers complain that their acne treatment isn’t working. For those who have acne or have endured from this ailment odds are that at one or another you may have used a product that didn’t appear to cause any changes to your skin. Listed below are 4 reasons why the treatment you’re using may not be functioning.

Co se děje?

The product isn’t intended for your particular acne. If you suffer from acne it’s important to know which sort of acne it is because this is one of the key reasons treatment appears not to work. Most products are designed for a specific problem so using it for a purpose it wasn’t intended usually results in less than desirable effects.

You might not be following the instructions for use. The producers of these products usually carry out tests and studies on these products to be able to ascertain how the most benefit could be derived from using a specific product. These researches are often done to have the ability to maximize their profitability, but we could all use them to our benefit. So for instance a product may indicate in its own way for use that you clean your with warm , or use the product twice daily or something to that effect. Typically if the guidelines are followed the outcomes would be as desirable or near desired. So next time you choose to set out on acne treatment please follow the directions, since not following directions is just one of the numerous ways that would be accountable for your acne remedy not functioning as it should.

Dobré vědět

The item may be expired. As obvious as this rationale could be, many men may overlook this. It’s vital that you check expiration dates on all the skincare products. Some products may nevertheless not have this but might possess the year it was manufactured. As a rule of thumb try to not use products which were manufactured more than 5 decades back. An indication of the potency of acne product may be evident by the consistency of the product. A product that’s too liquid or too thick may be indicative of a problem. All of us know how our acne product appears if it deviates from the normal look then this may indicate expiry.

Skin Type

The treatment does not agree with your skin type. All of us know that we have different skin types, and some acne products are formulated to a specific sort of skin. For instance if you’ve got this particularly poses a problem for acne treatment as most remedies are aimed at – attempting to decrease the production. So men with dry skin which use this sort of product excessive drying can lead to, forcing you to stop treatment before seeing any indication of improvement. This typically leaves the acne sufferer believing that the treatment didn’t work.