Squeezing a lemon into the water. Cooking lemon water.

How To Treat Common Illnesses?

When you need a quick fix and cannot get to a pharmacy or doctor to purchase medication, natural home remedies can be very helpful. Here are some tried and true remedies that you can keep in your pocket this winter. But remember to consult your doctor if you have any questions.


Resting properly is key to eliminating backache. For at least three hours, lie flat on your back and keep your knees straight. Massage the problem area with turpentine oil, mint oil, garlic oil, or Arthcare oil. Do exercises that strengthen the back. Consume lemon juice and a tablespoon salt daily. This may help to relieve the pain. Warm water mixed with lime juice and honey can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of colds.

The patient can relieve congestion by inhaling steam or bathing in warm or hot water. Boil a large amount of ginger in a saucepan with a cup water. Mix in half a teaspoon sugar after boiling. Serve it hot. There are many health benefits to drinking the right amount of water each day. One of these benefits is the reduction in constipation.

Dobré vědět

Half a cup cabbage juice should be consumed twice daily. Mix ten to thirteen seedsless grapes with milk. Boil. Both substances can be consumed separately. Mix half a cup orange juice with half a mug of olive oil, and enjoy. Drink a glass of milk mixed with one to two teaspoons almond oil every night until constipation is gone. The combination of grape juice, honey and honey can be a great way to get rid of cough.

Grapes can be eaten daily to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of cough. Hot carrot juice. Add lemon juice, chopped medium-sized onion, honey, and boiling water. It is recommended to consume it at least twice a day. Coconut juice and sugar can help relieve headaches. For a week, eat fresh apples as part of your breakfast to relieve headaches and chronic forms.

Závěrečná poznámka

Take a teaspoonful of honey with a glass warm water. Massage the head with rosemary oil. Grape juice is a good choice. Combine a small amount of water and salt with the seeds. Combine warm water and a small amount of salt. Gargle. Make a tea with dried chamomile flowers or Chinese orange. Then, heat the water and enjoy the mixture.