Beautiful young woman practicing yoga at group lesson, doing Seated forward bend exercise, people with instructor stretching in paschimottanasana pose, working out in modern yoga center

Jak zvýšit sebevědomí při cvičení jógy?

If you have like me then you surf the web a whole lot on a daily basis searching for inspiration. I read several posts and watch numerous videos regular for perfecting my poses, handling my , getting a promotion and so forth. It might appear to consider somebody doing all these things in an awesome , but it is an unrealistic thing.

Dobré vědět

Nobody can get good at everything. And in my estimation, nobody ought to be good at everything. Often those who attempt to be good at all become great at nothing. I’ve understood that it makes me feel inadequate sometimes-I frequently feel that why do I want to see a movie for getting promoted? Am I not good enough to have promoted myself? I start questioning my skills and finding my own methods of doing things.

While yoga helps me in trusting my own , sometimes I find it to be exhausting. And that thing frequently kills my practice so I want to improve it. Luckily, I know the means of eliminating this . Its solution lies in self-. In this article I need to discuss the things which you, I and the rest of the yogis/yoginis do in amazing way.

Waht to do?

  • Practicing our own version of any pose. Although we do not like to do it together, but Yoga should be a single practice. Something very transformative starts happening when we perform a pose based on our own .
  • Applying yoga lessons to our . I you understand already that our brains are rather efficient. They consume only the that is required or necessary for us and leave the rest. We as yoga students become rather proficient at implementing yoga lessons to our life without even realizing it. If you ever recall a day when you left a 90 minutes long yoga course and at the end of day you recalled just one great lesson your told you that afternoon then congratulations, as you too have become great at this art.
  • Feeling and living the moment. Nobody else can feel or explain what is happening inside your body. And since we practice yoga, we become more conscious of our own bodies. So you shouldn’t let anyone else to describe what is happening inside your body.
  • Caring for ourselves. Perhaps we are not as good as we should be at this one; occasionally we should be somewhat gentler with us while we should just push ourselves a bit tougher for our good. But I feel that we can be helpful at this thing also when we make a commitment to place our well-being and before everything else. It will not be too tough for us since we learn it . We simply have to heed the advice.