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Věděli jste o těchto faktech o alergiích?

Allergies, which are very common now, can be brought on by just about anything. They can be due to something that touches your skin thus giving rise to a rash, anything you consume or inhale. It may vary in intensity, which range from mild to severe.


A mild allergy can be like a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing, whereas a severe attack could be something such as asthma, where this can be brought on by the man inhaling something to the lungs or an insect sting, shellfish allergy . The acute or life threatening sort of allergies are called anaphylaxis and they give numerous symptoms such as breathing difficulty, difficulty in swallowing, dizziness or sometimes even loss of consciousness, the lips swell together with the throat and tongue. Such allergies require immediate emergency treatment since they can lead to shock and even death. These allergies, fortunately, don’t happen very often.

Při správném postupu je však lze úspěšně léčit. Je známo, že alergie mohou odložit i další komplikace, jako jsou záněty uší a dutin. Například alergie, která vede k zánětu nosních dutin, může způsobit infekci dutin a alergie, která vede k zánětu ucha, může způsobit infekci ucha.

Dědičný faktor

Allergies are supposed to be hereditary. However, it doesn’t follow that just because your mother or father has an allergy which you’re most definitely going to find that specific allergy, it is only that, the possibility of you getting any allergies is a lot higher. Food – Some of the most common foods that cause allergies include peanuts, seafood, shellfish, milk, eggs, nuts etc.. Infants are most likely to suffer from food allergies.

These allergies, however, tend to go away as the child gets older. Symptoms of food allergy can include an itchy rash, to nausea, for nausea, to nausea, into some stuffy nose and stomach cramps. Air – The chemicals found in atmosphere are pollen, dust mites, mold spores and animal dander. These are a few of the most frequent allergens and also the hardest to prevent. Insect bites or stings – Here the venom or toxin is injected directly into the blood stream; as a result, the allergic reaction time is quicker.

These generally cause swelling accompanied by pain. These reactions can be severe in some individuals. Medicines – One of the most frequent medications that cause allergic reactions are antibiotics, which are typically utilised in treating infections. Most frequently, these allergies have the mild form but some medicines do cause severe reactions.

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Rostliny - mezi rostliny, které způsobují alergické reakce, patří například jedovatý břečťan a dub. Je známo, že oleje, které tyto rostliny vylučují, vyvolávají alergickou reakci. Pokud se s tímto olejem dostanete do kontaktu, může vám způsobit svědivou vyrážku, poměrně často s puchýři. Kosmetika a čisticí prostředky - četné látky obsažené v těchto výrobcích někdy způsobují, že u lidí propukne vyrážka, která obvykle svědí.