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Může Tea Tree Oil léčit kvasinkovou infekci?

Over 75% of all women in the world will experience a yeast infection at one time or another in their lives. Candida albicans is a microorganism that causes this disease. It is a naturally occurring organism that lives in warm and moist places.

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It can grow too fast under certain conditions, and that is where the problem begins. There are many symptoms of a yeast infection. These include skin rashes and oral thrush, acne and painful sex. Vaginal yeast infection affects most women. There are many treatments available, but the best way to treat yeast infection is to use natural remedies. A natural remedy will not only treat the symptoms but also the root cause of the problem. You can even find simple natural remedies at home that will provide quick relief.

  • Garlic has many anti-bacterial and antiviral qualities that make it very effective in killing the yeast cells that cause the infection. You can use it by peeling a clove, wrapping it in gauze or cheese cloth with olive oil and then inserting it into the vagina for a few hours. This works well and most symptoms disappear after a few uses.
  • Tea tree oil. This oil is used as a home remedy for many diseases. It is also very effective because it has anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil can be purchased at your local shop. You must first dilute the tea tree oil with water. It is too concentrated and can cause irritation to the sensitive areas of the vagina. After it has been diluted, you can add some to an olive oil-coated tampon to place in the vagina. Leave it in for overnight.
  • The olive oil is used to prevent the tampon’s absorption of the tea tree oil. For quick relief, you can use any of the above remedies. After a few minutes, you should feel relief. You will be able prevent future infections if you practice good hygiene.