A close up image of pouring melted candle wax into glass molds.

Are There Different Types Of Candle Making Wax?

Candles are becoming more popular, and so is the demand for candle-making material. Candle making wax is the most important ingredient of all the constituent elements required to make candles. Candles made from tallow in the past were made from animal fat, which was readily available.

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However, these candles had distinct disadvantages. They also emitted heavy smoke and had a strong smell. As candles became more popular, wax was chosen as a base ingredient. We will be discussing the various types of waxes that are used to make candles. This is the most widely used wax for candle making.

Paraffin is a byproduct from the petroleum industry. It was readily available when exploration and production of crude oil and petroleum began to pick up in a significant way in the nineteenth century. Paraffin wax is still widely used in candles. This is due to its low cost and clean burning nature.

Soy wax

It is a new discovery that has made it a hugely popular choice for candle makers. It is made in a domestic environment and is therefore much more cost-effective than paraffin wax. It is also readily available. Soy wax isn’t a byproduct from any fossil fuel and is therefore not harmful to the environment. Soy wax is also known for its pleasant smell when it burns, which further enhances its appeal. This wax is very popular in recent years.

Gel wax

It has the advantage of being flexible and can be molded into many unique shapes. This is why gel wax is so popular among candle designers who specialize on fancy candles. It is derived from honey bee hives, as evident from its name. This wax is a great choice for candle making because it doesn’t emit any smoke and has no unpleasant odor. It is not easy to obtain it. This can lead to higher costs. This is made from palm trees, which are often found in Malaysia. It is also a clean-burning wax. The downside is that palm wax extraction often involves the removal of palm trees, which are an integral part the ecological system in the area where they grow. This is why this type of wax is being strongly discouraged. This wax was also extracted from whales. This wax was made illegal due to the large-scale killing of whales.