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What To Do If My Child Have A Headache?

Children who can communicate clearly with their parents are more likely to be able to help their sick child. Headaches are a common problem in all ages, even children. There are many possibilities. Some symptoms may warrant a quick visit to the emergency room or doctor. Let’s see… Is the […]

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How To Get Rid Of Headache Pain?

Headache is one of the most common complaints we see. Tension headaches are usually caused by prolonged contractions of the suboccipital muscle. These muscles connect the cervical spine’s neck and posterior (back) vertebrae (bones). Nerve compression and joint irritation. Let’s understand it The fascia can tighten and compress muscles, nerves […]

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What Is Optical Migraine?

Ever felt blurred vision, blurred vision, blurred vision or seeing zigzags in one eye (in a small spot) while feeling nausea? You may have an optical, or, terminologically correct ocular, migraine. Yes, I did say “migraines”, even though there is rarely a headache. Optical Migraine There are many names for […]

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Can Magnesium Treat Migraines?

Magnesium is so important for migraine sufferers! Magnesium plays an important role in relieving migraine sufferers of severe migraines. It can help them to lessen their frequency and even eliminate them completely. Let’s see… Over 70 years ago, it was first suggested that headaches could be caused by magnesium deficiency. […]

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How To Get Migraine Headache Relief?

Migraine headaches can be a serious condition if you experience frequent, severe headaches that are either moderate or severe in intensity. This type of headache can cause severe pain and disrupt your daily life. Symptoms There are some symptoms that can help you determine if you have migraines. Tension headaches […]

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What About The Causes And Treatment Of Migraine?

Migraines, a severe form of headache, are marked by intense pulsating and throbbing pains in one part of the head. Migraines are different from other headaches in that they often cause sensitivity to light or sound. Symptoms Migraine sufferers may experience nausea and vomiting in addition to the pain. Migraine […]

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Why To Know My Headache Type?

Do headaches make you feel drained? Do they slow down your productivity? Are they preventing you from living the life you want? These sentiments are shared by millions, if truth be known. Headaches are one of the most common ailments in our society. There are many causes of headaches, and […]

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How To Treat Migraines With Nutrition?

Nearly 30,000,000 Americans are affected by migraines. I hope you enjoyed my first article on migraine treatment with nutrition. We now know what to avoid in order to avoid migraines. Sometimes migraines can be triggered by multiple factors. Migraines To bring you down, trigger foods and emotional trauma might combine […]

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Are There Simple Headache Fixes?

Many people live very stressful lives. People must work hard to survive. This is not to mention the stress that comes with having a family. It’s no surprise that you see headache medication commercials on TV. Prescription drugs are also advertised as being able to treat migraines. What to do? […]

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Can A Gluten Free Diet Cure My Migraine?

It has been difficult to adhere to a gluten-free diet. But, I am beginning to see the benefits and I’m grateful for this solution. After suffering from migraines and headaches for most of my adult life, I finally found a way to prevent them or manage their intensity and frequency. […]