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Do Natural Treatments For Headaches Work?

Although headaches may appear to be a minor problem, they can have major consequences for both the sufferer as well as society. Headaches are responsible for more than 10 million visits to the U.S. medical doctor each year and are the leading reason for school and work absences. Pain factor […]

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Do My Migraine Headaches Came From My Neck?

Heather, a patient in my clinic, recently said that she wished she had known that her migraine headaches were coming out of her neck. I wish I had known years ago that you were there for me. Heather suffered from migraine headaches for 10 years. Her headaches were quite debilitating. […]

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Which Are The Top Five Headache Triggers?

Migraines are caused by something. It will not suddenly appear without a cause. You, your children, or your neighbor’s dog could be the cause of your migraines. There are five migraine triggers that you should be aware of. Let’s start The most common cause of all diseases is actually the […]

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Should Yo Do Yoga On A Sprained Ankle?

For those folks who do yoga every day, it becomes a part of our regular, part of our lives. A day without yoga is like a day without breakfast. Sure, you can do it but you just don’t feel right. I’m a morning yoga individual. At six o’clock in the […]

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What Are Abdominal Migraines?

An abdominal migraine is a pain in the abdomen that does not include a headache. They are also known as periodic syndrome. They usually affect young children (usually girls between the ages 5 and 9, but can occasionally occur in adults. There seems to be a connection between stomach migraines […]

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Can Acupuncture Stop My Headaches?

There are many things that we need to take care of, including our health. Headaches are a common problem that most people experience. Many people experience headaches so often that they learn to live with it and manage the pain as best as they can. Others suffer from severe headaches […]

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Are You Suffering From Migraine Headaches?

Migraine Headaches can set you on fire. Migraine headaches are a common problem worldwide. It’s a much more common problem than people realize. Migraine sufferers (or migraineurs if you prefer) are often dismissed by the general public as “..just a headache ..”. Migraines These are often dismissed by people unless […]

What Can I Do For Headaches?

Many suffer from headaches that can be both annoying and debilitating. Chronic headaches can be a significant burden on relationships, finances, and work productivity. This article will explain the various types of headaches as well as a possible treatment to treat them. Types of headaches Many people get confused when […]

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Are There Natural Headache Cures?

Headaches are those mind-numbing episodes that can knock us for a loop, and render us completely helpless to the pain. Do you really want to continue taking pain relievers with lots of chemicals that may make your headaches worse? Natural remedies Try natural remedies for headaches to see if they […]