Female hands holding paper cut brain and soul. Conflict between emotions and rational thinking. Balance and equilibrium between mind and heart concept.

How To Fight Depression And Anxiety?

Life is becoming more demanding, we’re expected to do the best, work all types of hours in different facets of life including personal and professional. The pressure, anxiety, and the demanding deadlines place a tremendous amount of pressure both on your body and mind. We do so much for everybody […]

Upset and tired boy teenager sitting on the floor keeps hand to cheek looking thoughtfully and hopeless. Stressed student guy feels emotional discomfort, anxiety and mental health problems.

Depression, Why Is This So?

Depression could be caused my many factors inside our past. A short connection with sadness, melancholy, grief or regret isn’t an unnatural thing, it is actually a beautiful portion of the human experience. How come this so? Our subconscious really wants to workout where we went wrong, once we review […]