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How Can I Help Someone Depressed?

As a board-certified cognitive behavioral therapist who has authored two books on how best to escape depression, I get letters from people constantly requesting my advice, for themselves or perhaps a loved one. This is a desperate feeling to be stuck in the pain of depression. I purchased your book […]

Сoncept of antidepressants and healing

Are There Facts About Antidepressants You Need To Know?

It’s widely considered that antidepressant drugs are the best treatment for anxiety, depression and nervousness. After consulting with their health professional, many victims will be placed on a class of antidepressants, but how effective are these medications? Not really, in fact they can’t offer a permanent cure and here are […]

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Why Am I Crying? Read Me!

Some people today feel that crying is a sign of weakness and should not be done. Even when they tear-up due to an emotional situation, they hold back and do everything possible to prevent other people from seeing they have been moved. Unfortunately, the long-term result of this is that […]

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Why Are You Suddenly Depressed?

Some days you’re up, some days you’re down. Normally, hopefully, you may spend more days up than or simply somewhere in the centre down. An individual who’s in a standard and balanced state acts a bit such as a spirit level running along a amount of wood. Assuming the wood’s […]

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Does Transcranial Magnetic Therapy Treat Depression?

Two words that define one complete and descriptive sentence disturbingly. The bottom line is, like any therapy, electroconvulsive therapy isn’t for everybody. And, ECT unwanted effects certainly are a consideration since they could be disturbing also. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), Oftentimes, tMS isn’t so powerful but, concurrent treatments to TMS such […]

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Depression, Why Is This So?

Depression could be caused my many factors inside our past. A short connection with sadness, melancholy, grief or regret isn’t an unnatural thing, it is actually a beautiful portion of the human experience. How come this so? Our subconscious really wants to workout where we went wrong, once we review […]