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Can Reiki Heal At Distance?

A strong Reiki technique is known as distance healing. It permits you to send healing energy to anyone or anyplace, even thousands of miles apart. It’s taught in Reiki level two. In this course the student learns how to apply this ancient symbol to open the pathway to the individual […]

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Reiki Certification?

First of all, lets briefly cover what Reiki is for people who may not be convinced, before getting to the advantages of having a Reiki Certification. Reiki is a therapeutic touch healing modality which focuses on hand placements, on or over the surface of the body for increased energy, energy, […]

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What Is Reiki Again?

Reiki, the older Japanese healing technique, is a marriage of the term “rei” which means Universal, and “ki” that means life force. It may be literally interpreted as universal life force, but over the years it has become a system of healing and a huge community of people using it. […]

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What Is The Truth About Kundalini Reiki?

It’s fortunate that as the world falls into significant dependence in chemical-based drugs for even the most frequent and minor ailments, an increasing number of alternative treatment approaches are being introduced. Needless to say, you can’t expect your doctor to write something like Kundalini Reiki onto a sheet of paper […]