Beekeeper is uncapping honeycomb with special fork, prepares to harvest honey. Apriculture and sericulture concept

Why To Choose Raw Honey?

Many of the nutrients have been removed from honey sold in supermarkets. Surprisingly, more than 3/4 of honey sold in the U.S. is pasteurized. Honey is pasteurized, which kills some of its nutrition. After honey is extracted from the comb it is strained, filtered and pasteurized. It is then heated […]

Macro photo of working bees on honeycombs. Beekeeping and honey production image.

Why Is Honeycomb So Delicious?

I had the pleasure of tasting honeycomb for my first time on my holiday to the Cameron Highlands. This popular tourist spot is located east of Peninsular Malaysia and is renowned for its cooler and drier climate than other areas in tropical Asia. Let’s start It was at the largest […]

Honeycomb in honey Jar on the table  reflect with sun light

Is Raw Honey Good For Me?

Raw honey is good for your health. For centuries, raw honey has been used medicinally. It was used in ancient Egypt as a preservative, and as a topical treatment for deep wounds. Raw honey is believed to have been used to preserve the body. Let’s see… Honey was used in […]

jar of lavender honey with dried lavender and honeycombs on wooden table

What Is Raw Honey Again?

Raw honey is one the most sought-after products on the market. Honey can be obtained from certain flowers, but not all. The main source is beekeeping. In order to meet the demands of the world, bee keepers will have large colonies of bees. Honey is a delicious addition to breakfast. […]

Fresh honeycomb with honey spoon isolated on white background.

Which Are Honey Health Facts?

Honey is just about the best recognised apicultural item, it is a element that the bees make by an elaborate method of refinement, disgorging repeated periods;in this technique fermentations, it incorporates the majority of the essential mineral constituents our body needs. It’s been established by evaluation that honey contains a […]

Smiling woman pouring honey into bowl with natural ingredients to make organic face cream

Did You Know These Facts About Honey?

Honey is produced in one of the most efficient factories in the world – the beehive – by the most efficient workers – bees. Honey’s colour and flavour will vary depending on where it comes from. There are 22 types of honey that are commonly made from flowers. Take note […]

Decorative candles in the box, made of beeswax with a honey aroma for interior and tradition.

How To Make Beeswax Candles?

Before we start making beeswax candles, let’s make certain we realize where beeswax comes form. Beeswax is really a natural wax stated in bee hives and honey bees. It’s mainly esters and fatty acids and different long chain alcohols. Beeswax It is really a soft, yellow-amber colour and create a […]

The queen bee swarm - selective focus

How Is Honey Made?

A bottle of honey is something that everyone knows. Honey isn’t something we are unfamiliar with and we are used it all the time. Honey is a wonderful source of information, but it also hides an extraordinary story. Ever wondered how this happens? Ever wonder how honey is made? I’m […]

Honey dripping from wooden dipper on some wholemeal rusks.

Is Honey Good For A Healthy Nervous System?

Honey is a sweetener that bees naturally make. Honey is delicious in taste and a natural drug substance. It is an excellent product that provides energy. Honey has a pleasant aroma and tastes great. Honey is easily absorbed by the human body. Honey has been used as a medicine since […]