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Can A Ketogenic Diet Helps Squash Migraines?

The body burns fat for energy instead of glucose to produce ketones. A ketogenic diet is one that is low-carbohydrate. This will allow the body break down fat more quickly and help to metabolize ketones. Recent studies have shown that migraines are significantly less common in ketogenic patients. This is far more than the migraine drugs. Both epilepsy patients and migraine sufferers are affected by glutamate.

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Anti-seizure drugs, which are medications that treat epilepsy, also block glutamate formation. These drugs can also be used to treat migraines. The ketogenic diet is only a century old, but ketones have been used to prevent seizures since at least 500 BC. I have repeatedly stated that processed foods are bad news for migraine sufferers. A diet that eliminates processed foods, such as the ketogenic diet would be a good way to manage migraine symptoms.

Numerous studies have disproved the myth of saturated fat. A ketogenic diet is rich in saturated fats, as well as other healthy fats, which can help reduce bad cholesterol and increase serotonin and vitamin D production, which can help prevent migraines.


Hunger is a major trigger for migraines, as is obesity and weight gain. Studies have shown that obesity and weight gain increase the risk of migraines by 81%. Ketones can reduce hunger and insulin problems, promote weight loss, regulate blood glucose levels, and control insulin. Adding MCT or coconut oil into your diet can lead to weight loss and control of sugar levels. As you can see, MCT and coconut oil will help you manage migraines by making you feel more satisfied with your nutrition, more energetic, better cognitive functioning, and losing fat.

Recent research has shown that migraine triggers are linked to oxidative stress. A new migraine medication was developed in response to these findings. It blocks the release of peptides during oxidative stress. The drug also blocks glutamate release, another migraine trigger. However, you don’t have to rely on medication. The ketogenic diet can help you with both. This is because ketones can not only relieve migraine symptoms but also address the root cause. Research has shown that MCT (medium chain triglyceride oil) is beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients, particularly in memory recall. As with Alzheimer’s, migraine sufferers have white-matter brain lesion scans.


Both diseases have been studied and it has been shown that ketones can help increase brain metabolism, even when glucose intolerance or oxidative stress is present. To function and survive, our bodies and minds need glucose and/or ketones. Our bodies store approximately 24 hours worth of sugar, but without the ketones, we would all die from hypoglycemia. Our body is in a healthy ketosis state when it synthesizes ketones from fat.