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Кои са условията за мигрена?

Getting a headache is something quite common. This can result from a poor posture or because you’ve got a cold or because of tension and . However, getting a главоболието е нещо различно. В актуални здравни статии се посочват признаците на мигрена като хронично заболяване. с разлика. Обикновено хората, които страдат от мигренозно главоболие, имат поне един пристъп на всеки две седмици, който продължава до четири пъти.


Тези силни болки често са придружени от or stomach and digestive issues. The man is sensitive to lights and sounds or scents. Current health articles in this respect mention that those who suffer from migraines may have a great deal of problems copying with regular . If you are a individual от мигрена, не сте сами. Според актуални здравни статии около 10 процента от младите хора в САЩ страдат от мигрена.

Мигрената атакува повече жените, отколкото мъжете в тяхната and maturity. The causes of migraine are unknown. Current health articles on the topic however do mention that a few physicians agree that this is a result of the expansion and contraction of the vessels in the brain that cause the pain in the first location. However, it’s not clear as to why does this really happens and why it will become chronic.

Учените са единодушни по въпросите, които предизвикват мигрена. За човек, който редовно страда от мигрена, обаче това е като шега. Всичко, което трябва да направите, е да and you’ll find a migraine. Some common causes of migraine include stress, , skipping meals, changes in patterns, too much sleep or too little sleep, weather fluctuations, travel and a few sorts of foods such as alcohol, cheese, pizza and ice creams.

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В актуални здравни статии се посочва, че е важно хората, страдащи от мигрена, да знаят за тези причини и да вземат необходимите предпазни мерки. Мигрената ви поразява по различни начини. Има хора, които the pain and which have the ability to deal with it for sometime until they should have a medication for this. However, there are people who get a indication that a migraine is coming and they begin to feel poor and the pain may be so acute it will give them nausea and doing ordinary things becomes impossible for them. Current health articles cite the requirement of the health care practices to be very thorough about the symptoms of migraine and the best way to attempt to help a patient overcome such a debilitating situation.

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It’s extremely important to find to combat such issues, because some of these medications being given for such powerful pains seem to lose their effectiveness after sometime and the individual starts to have problems together. Once this occurs, the has no other but to prescribe a milder painkiller to assist the individual. Current health articles mention that some of these medications can be useful for a migraine, but they might have other powerful side effects.