Храни с високо съдържание на цинк като сьомга, морски дарове-скариди, говеждо месо, кашкавал, спанак, гъби, какао, тиквени семки, чесън, боб и бадеми. Изглед отгоре

Какви са ползите от цинка?

Minerals are sometimes overlooked as crucial elements for our body. Zinc is crucial to both people and animals. It’s found in all of the cells within our body. Zinc has a great deal of functions. It stimulates the compounds that promote biochemical processes within the body. It assists in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

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It aids in optimum growth and development particularly during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence. It encourages sperm development in men and is needed for ovulation and fertilization in women. Common Cold (Zinc lozenges help shorten the duration of having a cold. Wilson’s disease (This is through interfering the body’s utilization of vitamin copper. Along with these, zinc assists in the prevention of prostate enlargement and reduction of the size of an enlarged prostate. Zinc is significant in a number of facets of metabolism of hormones.


Zinc deficiencies aren’t as prevalent in developed countries than in third world nations. People with Down’s syndrome, malabsorption syndromes and liver cirrhosis are more or less likely to zinc deficiencies regardless of what country they’re in. Besides these other risk factors include alcoholism, inadequate caloric intake and digestive ailments.

Alcoholism reduces the components of zinc absorbed from the body and raises zinc loss in the urine. Furthermore, vegetarians will need to be cautious because zinc absorption from crops is generally lower. Zinc deficiency frequently occurs when there is insufficient intake or malabsorption, whenever there is an increase in zinc body condition or if there is increased zinc losses from the body. There’s also maternal zinc deficiency.

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This may result in slowed fetal growth. Breast milk doesn’t offer enough zinc for babies 7 months and older. Breastfeeding also drain the mother’s zinc reserves. Thus, foods that are good sources of zinc ought to be contained in her diet. Deficiency manifests in a number of ways. These include nausea, hair loss, growth retardation, impotence and delayed sexual maturation, and skin and eye lesions. Impaired wound healing, weight loss and mental lethargy may also be related to zinc deficiency. However, these indicators are also too general and too normal for other medical problems. Thus, it’s best that you consult your physician.


Zinc deficiency results in a compromised immune system. This is because zinc is necessary in T-lymphocyte growth and activation. Naturally, a lot of something can also be bad for your health. Too much zinc supplementation may result in zinc toxicity. This may cause altered iron function, reduced immune function, low copper status and decreased levels of cholesterol. Proper diet and exercise are foundations of good nutrition and health. A multivitamin can mean only plus points to your diet or be as important as eating right. Remember to read labels to be aware of the quality and content of what you’re taking. Consult your physician for the most suitable nutritional supplements for you.