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Как да получите облекчение на коремните болки?

One of the most common symptoms that a person will feel when he is sick is pain. Pain is considered the sixth vital sign in medicine and should be treated immediately to provide comfort and relaxation. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is another major symptom. IBS attacks can cause pain by the spasms in your colon. An attack occurs when a trigger is introduced to the body. Food-based triggers are the most common.

Pain Factor

These are the best ways to manage IBS-related pain. People want immediate relief, especially when they are experiencing severe pain. This is why pain relievers are a common treatment option for these patients. It is strongly recommended that you avoid buying any over-the-counter medications. You should also seek a prescription from your doctor to ensure that you don’t react differently to the drug.

Remember to give the medication to the patient before the pain becomes unbearable. This would make the medication useless. When the pain is just beginning, give the medication as soon as possible. IBS spasms can increase over time, and the pain intensity will also increase. The gate control theory is a psychological approach. This theory states that you can learn to control your pain by becoming more aware of your body.

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This technique is not for everyone as it requires concentration and self-awareness to be effective. Relaxation techniques and exercises can be used to manage any type of pain, not just IBS-related pain. Deep breathing exercises are a good example. This will reduce your pain and stress levels. Once you have found a relaxation method that works for you, you can use it to help you when you are suffering from an acute attack. It is important to keep your concentration on what you are doing. A break in concentration could ruin it all.

Another relaxation technique is visualization. This involves visualizing any object, place or person that you feel relaxes. This will help you shift your focus from the pain to the item you are visualizing. A cup of herbal tea is a great addition to your relaxation techniques. It calms nerves and soothes the entire body.

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The most popular herbal teas are chamomile, ginger, and peppermint. A heating pad is another home remedy for abdominal pain. Although the heat doesn’t have an anesthetic effect or an analgesic, it can relax. This heat soothes the area of the body it comes in contact with, which in turn reduces the person’s pain.