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Има ли ефективни съвети за естествена грижа за кожата?

Dry skin can often be heard complaining about their skin. Dry skin has many advantages. It doesn’t look oily and is less prone to pimples or acne. Dry skin can cause many problems. Dry skin can lead to premature wrinkling. The skin appears dull. The skin looks dry and flaky in extreme winter or dry weather conditions.

Грижа за кожата

The skin absorbs any cream or moisturizer. Dry skin can also cause problems for make-up applications, since the skin absorbs everything that is applied.

  • It is better to use a body soap than a body wash for your entire body. Every other day, moisturize your skin with oil or a moisturizer.
  • Combine one cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon fresh lemon/lime juice. Use a mild soap. Use the sugar mixture to scrub your entire body and face.
  • Apply some milk in maize flour to your entire body. This will moisturize your skin and act as a scrub. The most heavily used parts of the body are the hands. They are often exposed to harsh weather, heavy detergents, and water. They require extra care.

Other Tips

  • Keep a small container of moisturizer in your bag. Apply a little moisturizer to your hands whenever you feel your hands are feeling dry. You should keep a small amount of moisturizer in your bag.
  • Once a week, apply a mixture honey-lemon or white sugar-lemon to your hands. This will keep your hands softened and clean.
  • Avoid using cleanser with high soap content. Switch to a soap-free or cream-based cleanser for your face. A paste of mashed banana mixed with two to three pinches of milk powder, or two to three drops of milk, can be applied to your skin for up 15 minutes. This will restore your skin’s glow.
  • Mash a piece from papaya and apply the paste to your face. For a healthy glow to your skin, wash it with cold water after 15 mins
  • Vaseline gel can be applied to your feet generously. Put on socks and allow the Vaseline gel to soak into your heels for at least an hour. Your heels will be a delight the next morning.
  • Rose water and glycerin can both be applied to the heels or elbows to keep them soft.