Concept of allergies to domestic animals.

How To Manage Pet Allergies?

An allergy brings with it a fantastic deal of discomfort. The individual suffering from an allergy first attempts to identify what he’s allergic to. Sometimes he’s surprised to find himself becoming allergies because of resident of his home-the pet. Pets that are kept inside don’t have any inhibitions about going […]

Female Therapist Performing Reiki Therapy Treatment. Hands Over Woman's Stomach. Alternative Therapy Concept, Stress Reduction and Relaxation.

What Is Reiki Again?

Reiki, the older Japanese healing technique, is a marriage of the term “rei” which means Universal, and “ki” that means life force. It may be literally interpreted as universal life force, but over the years it has become a system of healing and a huge community of people using it. […]

beautiful ethereal radiating gaseous energy  field with a spiral on left side traversing a white energy trail across to the right side with copy space

What Is The Truth About Kundalini Reiki?

It’s fortunate that as the world falls into significant dependence in chemical-based drugs for even the most frequent and minor ailments, an increasing number of alternative treatment approaches are being introduced. Needless to say, you can’t expect your doctor to write something like Kundalini Reiki onto a sheet of paper […]

A young woman on gluten free diet is saying no thanks to bread in a cafe

What Are Celiac Disease Symptoms?

Most individuals aren’t aware of what celiac disease is; let alone what to be looking for when it has to do with celiac disease symptoms. They’ll go about their regular day of having a bowl of cereal or some toast in the morning, perhaps a sandwich at lunchtime, and a […]

woman holding big stack of knitted plaids and blankets. cozy and warm winter home decor

What Should You Know About Wool Bedding?

Most of us relate anything made from wool with cold and winter weather, however this isn’t simply the only criteria when you’re planning to make a wool bedding in your area. Apart from natural insulation of wool, it delivers a excellent variety of benefits that are usually not mentioned anywhere. […]

Fitness asian woman doing yoga exercise and relax with sportswear in green park at summer, healthy lifestyle concept

Is Yoga Only A Physical Exercise?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word. It means, communion. In spiritual realm, it’s communion with the greatest Truth (you may call it God if you like) to achieve freedom. Many people believe it is a type of exercise, chiefly for the human body and so resulting in a peaceful mind. It’s […]