Is Depression In Caregivers Common?

Depression in caregivers is extremely common. The intricate role of several caregivers comes with different responsibilities which could create stress to them. They might need to give up their jobs, may experience social isolation, and have difficulty coping with the diagnosis or experience emotional problems themselves. Low mood Their time […]

What Is Relocation Depression? Some Symptoms!

After the boxes are unpacked, the telephone is installed, and you have sorted out all the other essentials, you can end up depressed following a move to a different location. The hardest aspect of this is that often times, you do not even realize you are depressed. You’re so focused […]

How To Relieve Depression In The Elderly?

It’s not uncommon for people in the Appalachian area, particularly the elderly, to tell stories. Many of these tales are repeats of the same story. The retelling of these stories are important to these folks. The Appalachian people who travel small and have long standing memories of the home and […]

Is Psychotherapy Important Treating Depression?

While medication is really important in the effective treatment of depression, supportive psychotherapy may also be helpful. It’s not unusual for older people that are depressed to resist the thought of psychotherapy. You may not “believe in” psychotherapy as a means to resolve your problems. Depression You might feel uneasy […]

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

First cited in medical literature in 1985, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, also called the winter blues or winter depression, is one of the newer recognized medical problems. It tends to affect those who live away from the equator, in northern climes, and is very common in areas where there […]

How Harmful Is Depression?

Many people go through some kind of depression at many points in our life. It can be detrimental to your health if it has arrived at the stage when a person becomes unable to sleep, lacks the desire to consume, and loses focus and concentration. It isn’t necessarily bad, but […]

What Is True About Depression Pills?

Everyone can feel depressed sometime or another and that is just section of life. For some social people, the strain builds into depression that consumes their lives and makes the individual seek help. Some won’t visit a doctor for depression because lots of people still think that depression isn’t something […]

What To Do In Case Of Depression And Bi-Polar Disorder?

I would like to talk just a little about Depression of the mind and the chemicals that warrant this type of depression or must i say the imbalance of certain chemicals causing depression. First I would like to discuss that feel great chemical called dopemine, one that handles the feel-good […]

How Are Depression And Rage Related?

Depression and anger are intertwined together. Both anger and depression are predisposed, even though the specific calculus remains unknown. Beneath depression, while it is easily observed or darkly obscured, there’s rage. Rage can wait years to erupt. Rage lies at the base of the psyche and is apparently dormant or […]

What Causes Depression?

What Really Causes Depression? Depression is among the leading factors behind disability in the us. Of the entire year it could affect anybody anytime. In order to avoid this common mental disorder, it is very important know very well what really causes depression really. Causes Unfortunately, the sources of depression […]