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Are There Good Home Remedies For Poison Oak?

The majority of allergic reactions in North America are caused by poison oak, or poison ivy. An irritation will develop on the skin within a few days of contact with poison oak. Other symptoms include reddening of the skin, itching, swelling, reddening of the skin, and blistering. Even though the symptoms aren’t life-threatening or contagious, sufferers feel extremely uncomfortable.

Take note

The most important thing for poison oak sufferers is to get relief from their symptoms and to improve their skin condition. Symptoms usually last around a week to ten days. However, severe poisoning can cause symptoms to last for weeks. Home remedies for poison oak can provide relief. You should avoid using any home remedies for poison oak that could aggravate your condition.

  • Oatmeal: Boil the oatmeal in water. Let the mixture cool before you apply it to the skin. It will continue to harden if left there.
  • Calamine lotion – This provides quick relief from itching. It also prevents the skin from sticking to the blisters, causing pain.
  • Aloe vera gel – It provides quick relief from all symptoms of poison oak.
  • Banana peel – Use the inside of a banana to soothe the skin.
  • Jewelweed – Fresh juice is the best, but you can also use powdered extracts. There are no home remedies that can make poison oak disappear. They are meant to alleviate symptoms and make the situation more bearable.


It is not a good idea to scratch any blisters that may appear on your skin. Scratching will only make the condition worse and make it last longer. Itching can be reduced by using one of the home remedies against poison oak. Apply cold compresses to the affected area and keep it cooled. You will feel much better thanks to the cooling sensation of the cool air. Avoid hot showers as they can worsen skin conditions. Also, be careful with soap. To avoid spreading the irritation to other parts of your body, rinse it off after you have cleaned the affected area.