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Are There Good Acne Scar Treatments?

Once begins to heal, in minor cases, it in pointed out that the area where in the acne was includes a color once, that is red. With the continuation of the healing up process this coloration gradually darkens initially and next half a year lightens slowly and vanishes with an unmarked and clear skin.

Acne scars

These scars are minor acne scarring and using products such as for example Retinol or any hydroxyl acid can help in fast healing of the region. Unlike the minor out break scars, scars because of cystic or nodular acne have become deep and much more discolored. In cases like this what ought to be the best course of action? The procedure in this full case quite definitely depends upon several factors. These are the severe of the outbreak, kind of skin, condition of skin and the dermatologists finding and suggestions finally.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are actually the most efficient and viable treatment for minor acne outbreak cases. In this procedure, chemicals are applied on your skin. These chemicals injure your skin round the dried acne temporarily and assist in the growth and regeneration of new skin. This process must be repeated several times to acquire favorable results. The successive treatments sessions have to be spaced in a way that your skin has gets sufficient time and to heal itself. Laser and Resurfacing are amazing treatments for acne scarring which are or shallow. In dermabrasion, your skin layers are removed which helps in the development of a fresh skin layer free from blemishes.

The scar marks are thus removed with the old skin and the brand new skin shall grow blemish less. Dermabrasion is most reliable if you find no acne along with no other . There are many forms of dermabrasion, deep and superficial dermabrasions are essential among them. Deep dermabrasion removes the skin layer from your skin and reaches the dermis layer. This kind of dermabrasion takes a longer healing time as the skin must now generate a complete new protective epidermis layer.

Laser treatment

A higher laser beam with CO2 can be used to melt away the very best most layer (epidermis) of your skin in laser resurfacing. This layer has the majority of the scars, so removing almost all is removed by this layer of scars whenever a new top layer is formed. Laser resurfacing is an extremely effective method however the person undergoing this treatment needs care during recovery, because the threat of infection is quite high. The deep scars left by acne are deep ice pick, box scar or rolling acne scar.

There are many surgical options for treatment for such forms of scars. A punch tool can be used to extract your skin in the deep scar and sew it. This creates a known level surface on your skin. This method is named punch excision. Often bands of fibrous tissues are formed beneath the skin because of deep acne scars. It is very important break this band. That is done by minute subcutaneous incisions. After healing, this treatment has great effect in reducing or completely eliminating the rippled skin due to the deep acne scarring.


Every acne scar treatment has its positive and negative point. Check with your dermatologist and doctor for the proper advice. Next to the above-mentioned measures, there are several other treatments which are recognized to effectively help the issue of acne. Each full case is exclusive in its way. The treatment is dependent upon the kind of scar you have.