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Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/zooko Official Wiki (Wikipedia): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zooko_Wilcox-O%27Hearn Website (site): https://leastauthority.com Website (site): http://www.ketotic.org


  • Zooko Wilcox is the founder as well as CEO of Zcash (ZEC) cryptocurrency.[1]
  • Zooko Wilcox is a computer security specialist.
  • Zooko Wilcox has lots of experience in open, decentralized systems, cryptography and information security, and startups. He also established Least Authority, a simple and secure cloud storage focusing on freedom and privacy.[1]
  • He is recognized for his work on DigiCash, Mojo Nation, ZRTP, “Zooko's Triangle”, Tahoe-LAFS, BLAKE2, and SPHINCS.[1]


  • Full Name: Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn
  • Year of birth: 1970[2] / May 13, 1974[3]
  • Parents: Ron Wilcox (father), Olene Harris (mother)[3]

Video Playlist[edit]

ETHNews: Zooko Wilcox on Zcash & J.P. Morgan Integration

00:00 Ethereum has the network effect of developers, right?
00:06 Bitcoin has the network effect of money but I think the network's effective developers is much more important than the network effective money in the long run.
00:14 So our strategy within Zcash is to collaborate and link up with both Ethereum and Bitcoin so that things that require multiple kinds of functionality can be built on top of both.
00:30 What is the current status of Zcash technology?
00:30 Are there any unexpected bugs you’re dealing with?
00:41 there have been some bugs and mathematical flaws and the earlier science papers that were fixed by subsequent science papers.
00:49 There have been bugs in the protocol and the software, that have been fixed, I think it's pretty pretty good at this point.
00:57 We're continuing to work on both improving the security and vetting the safety of the system.
01:07 We're also doing to work on improving it for like new functionality and scalability and performance.
01:17 Did you recently make any changes to Zcash where the underlying technology was changed and now the transactions are not truely entirely anonymous?
01:17 We didn't make a change.
01:28 I made an ill-written tweet that provoked a backlash from my Twitter followers about that.
01:36 But it's basically a consequence of mathematics.
01:39 If you're using mathematics to protect your privacy, that means that control of the secret numbers is necessary and sufficient to uncloak that part of the data, does that makes sense?
01:59 Like if you're using encryption to protect stuff, I think that's a great way to protect things because it's very very strong and it's very flexible and it can be it can fit into both decentralized and centralized systems.
02:11 So I think encryption is a great tool, it underlies all of the internet today, for example, and also things outside the internet.
02:16 But a consequence of encryption is that you get selective disclosure where you can reveal some of the stuff to some people without revealing it to other people.
02:26 And another consequence of, but a consequence of the modern regulatory system and business and social organization is that the so-called financial institutions like exchanges and banks that provide financial services to people are obligated to obey all these laws according to their home country.
02:52 So that's all, it's not a change that we're making to math.
02:57 Congratulations on your partnership with J.P. Morgan! Can you expand on that?
02:57 JPMorgan is the most valuable bank in the world according to, like stock market, traders, who buy and sell shares of companies.
03:13 And so them agreeing with us to use our technology in their open-source enterprise blockchain.
03:20 It's a really good validation of the technology and of our team, but it's also a really good validation of the importance of privacy for enterprise.

Story and history[edit]

  • Zooko Wilcox is born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. [3]
  • Zooko Wilcox currently living in Boulder, Colorado, USA.[2]
  • Besides Zcash, Zooko also founded and created the website Least Authority and Keto Diet, where he sometimes will blog about them.[1]