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Official site (website): https://zclassic.org Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ZclassicCoin Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZClassic/ Official Discord group: https://discord.gg/PmVX5jW Github: https://github.com/z-classic/zclassic Discussion forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1671982 PDF document file: https://zclassic.org/pdfs/whitepaper.pdf CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zclassic/ Alexa website traffic ranking: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/zclassic.org

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Zclassic is a fork of Zcash on 5 Nov 2016, which is eight days after Zcash release.
  • ZClassic is fair and impartial, no censorship and no governing body.
  • In a time when your life is under constant surveillance, Zclassic brings complete financial anonymity.
  • Zclassic is fair and impartial. No censorship & no governing body.
  • Zero-knowledge proving scheme is a decentralized and open-source technology that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions.
  • Bitcoin Private (BTCP) will be forked from ZClassic (ZCL) in 2018.


  • ZClassic has no founders tax compared to ZCash: All mining rewards in Zclassic go directly to the miners, while in Zcash the founders take 20% of the rewards for the first 4 years leading to 10% control of the entire monetary supply.
  • No Slow Start: ZClassic eliminated the slow start of 20,000 blocks that Zcash introduced.
  • Trusted Parameters: Zclassic is using the same trusted parameters Zcash uses.
  • Democratic.


  • Slogan: Zclassic is financial freedom.


  • The official ticker symbol for ZClassic token: ZCL
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Max supply: 21,000,000 ZCL
  • Circulating Supply: 3,347,863 ZCL

Video Playlist[edit]

What is Zclassic? - #REVIEW

00:00 Am i an old man in cryptocurrency?
00:02 I don't think so, I don't think it's possible to possible to be an old man in cryptocurrency.
00:09 But generally, I like the original coins, not the forked coins, if you know what I mean.
00:15 Let's get into it guys, what's up crypto nation, it's Batum with the centralized TV, your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech.
00:22 Nowadays crypto need Bitcoin review, what is Z classic?
00:24 Yes, I'm a fan of Bitcoin, not Bitcoin cash, I'm a fan of Ethereum classic, not Ethereum and I am also a fan of ZClassic not the original, so let's talk about it guys, here we go.
00:39 The main reason people get excited about crypto currencies is that they all offer some degree of a financial freedom.
00:44 Bitcoin is certainly the world's leading crypto currency in this regard, even though it's not without its flaws or drawbacks.
00:51 ZClassic aims to do so as well even though this hard fork of ZCash has been somewhat less popular so far.
00:59 By focusing on anonymity and privacy, ZClassic may be able to stake its claim in the cryptocurrency world, moving forward.
01:06 So why was ZClassic created?
01:06 There is a good reason as to why ZClassic is a forked version of ZCash, ZCash has one particular aspect which irks a lot of people, there's a 20% fee on all miner rewards and this cut is sent directly to the ZCash developer fund which some people don't like, because it's paying the developers, which from in some cases isn't a bad thing.
01:27 It supports their development, it helps them grow and helps them have some monetary incentivization to continue to support the coin, but some people like to focus on the baseline, the principles of sorts and 20% fee on miners, it's pretty expensive guys.
01:45 While this approach is not in common in the world of alt coins, it does raise a lot of questions regarding the future of ZCash.
01:50 With ZClassic removing this fee altogether, it is a hard fork created due to ideological differences.
01:56 Miners should always earn the full reward of their contributions after all and for me guys, I'm pretty much in that same camp.
02:03 With so many different crypto currencies focusing on privacy and anonymity, it's increasing difficult to stand out right now.
02:12 ZClassic is a currency which removes the unfair mining reward cut and does not intend to create artificial scarcity like ZCash does.
02:19 However, it uses the same parameters produced during the trusted set up meeting to provide users with anonymity and a privacy, all it takes is one user to taking their secret key and destroying it to keep the system secure.
02:33 Additional, ZClassic transactions are recorded and published on the blockchain just like Bitcoin.
02:37 There are some big differences though, as no sender recipient or amount related information is visible at any time, all of this is achieved through a snark cryptographic technique, which has been a great interest to a few other cryptocurrency projects as well.
02:51 There is a growing demand for financial privacy and anonymity right now, which means currencies like ZClassic can make a positive impact in the future.
02:59 With a total of 21 million ZClassic to be brought into circulation over the next few years, it seems this altcoin follows the same issuance a model as Bitcoin which I kind of like guys.
03:10 So far, just over three point two four six million coins have been mined, which means there's a lot of opportunity to get in the mining game guys, there's a lot of coins yet to be mined.
03:20 Which means there's still a lot of work ahead for both the miners and the ZClassic community.
03:26 We will we have seen this altcoin make a positive impact so far, even though it's still valued lower than a ZClassic itself.
03:33 It will be interesting to see if this situation changes over time.
03:37 So what comes next for ZClassic?
03:37 Well, it seems the classic supporters can expect an electron wallet release in the near future.
03:44 This wallet will need to undergo some thorough alpha and beta testing before it's shared to the public however.
03:49 Moreover, it seems we will see the classic getting forked into Bitcoin private as well, although that should not have any major impact on the ZClassic project itself.
03:58 An interesting future lies ahead for ZCL Hodler.
04:00 So guys, let me know, there's so many different privacy coins out there like ZCash, ZClassic, Vechain, PivX, Dash, Monero, which is mostly just mine without your permission, I mean, how do you know what to choose?
04:14 So let me know in the Bitcoin dot pub or the comments section below.
04:20 If you are a fan of ZClassic, true transparency, I'll own an easy classic, and I don't own any easy cash as well.
04:27 So maybe this is your opportunity to convince me, why should I be excited about ZClassic in 2018.
04:35 Thanks for joining us in today's crypto news but brought to you by decentralize TV, your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech.
04:42 If you're new here guys, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the 10 days of Bitcoin dot com.
04:46 For the rest of you guys, smash the like button for privacy, mostly Monero, why?
04:50 Because you're probably mining it right now, I'm probably mining it to shit.


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  • zclassicexplorer.com
  • zcl-explorer.com
  • explorer.zclassic.org/insight
  • explorer1.zclassic.org/insight
  • as1.zcl-explorer.com
  • eu1.zcl-explorer.com
  • https://zclzclzcl.com

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Frequently asked questions[edit]

  • What is the difference between ZClassic and ZCash?
"Zclassic is basically the same thing as Zcash only 100% of the coins mined go to the miners instead of 20% going to the founders."