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Truth and facts[edit]

  • VIBE is the world's first crypto based Virtual Reality marketplace & hub.
  • VIBE is a virtual social reality where you can discover a virtual world and connect with people from all over the globe in music, education, gaming and dating.
  • VibeHub brings the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to the ethereum blockchain.
  • Capturing Holograms of musicians and educators and placing them in custom VR environments and Augmented reality. Driven by the cryptocurrency VIBE.
  • Photorealistic Holograms: Capturing hologram performances of artists, educators, public figures and presenting them in immersive virtual worlds.
  • Hybrid chain solution: A private off-chain solution that offloads micro-transactions from the Ethereum network, instantly with no gas fees.
  • User created content: Monetize on your own creative creations, 3D models, 3D scenes, music, videos and more.


  • Trusted Blockchain Technology: A Global Cryptocurrency based on Ethereum (ERC20 Compliant), used for micro transactions on the VIBEHub platform.
  • An Alternate Reality: Providing artists and educators the platform to reach millions of viewers, in one stream in VR.
  • Monetizing In A Virtual World: Using volumetric video and other virtual assets to monetize content in VR and AR technology for the first time.
  • Giving You A Voice Amongst The Masses: Exposure in unique marketplaces and hubs, don't compete with hundreds of other unrelated tags and topics.
  • One Stop Shop Platform: From Music to Education, Gaming, and Dating marketplaces...Just to name a few...All from one platform with one currency.
  • Paying Publishers Fairly: You keep all proceeds from your own user generated content. We also have revenue sharing opportunities for collaboration content that we produce.
  • Safe and Secure: Our software is constantly monitored and tested to provide a safe and secure experience.
  • No Middle Man, No Fees: Hybrid combination of Blockchain and off Blockchain solutions to facilitate micro transactions. No gas. Instant transactions.
  • More Immersive Social Experience: Express your creativity in a virtual world and share the experiences with other users around the world.


  • Slogan: Boldly pushing the blockchain past its limits to virtual reality and beyond.
  • Slogan: The world's first crypto-based VR/AR marketplace and hub.
  • VIBE (VIBE) is based in Canada.


  • The official ticker symbol for VIBE token: VIBE
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 267,000,000 VIBE
  • Circulating Supply: 173,240,927 VIBE


  • ICO from 7 Aug 2017 to 21 Sep 2017.

Video Playlist[edit] VR Preview - Photorealistic Volumetric Video

00:00 Welcome back to vibe hub, the virtual meta world driven by the cryptocurrency vibe.
00:22 Today we have something very special for you.
00:25 Up until this point, we've been able to show you 360 videos, regular video content, social experiences, we've showed you several different environments.
00:37 Now, we're showing you the hybrid of the technologies of combining photorealistic video captures with our VR environments, all on the same platform.
00:46 Here's another example.
00:53 What you're looking at here, the two basketball players and the ball, those were all captured in an AR facility room and we have taken those models and placed them in one of our virtual environments.
01:11 Just check out that detail.
01:15 This technology is quite amazing, I mean look at the wrinkles in his shirt, look at the the shadows on the floor.
01:24 I mean this is amazing, we finally been able to showcase this technology on our platform and just imagine the capabilities with this type of technology that are already in the process of securing and finalizing some pretty major deals with some major record labels as well as independent labels.
01:49 We have sponsorship announcements coming, I don't want to spoil that, so we'll keep those for the announcements.
01:57 Just thinking the future, these cameras, this equipment that we're using will be available to consumers and everybody will be able to make this content.
02:06 Here we go, we have a beautiful beach environment and we have a lovely young lady here.
02:12 Imagine the potential of you know, long distance relationships, online dating, being able to be in an environment experience that person as a photorealistic sample of themselves.
02:24 I mean look at the movements, I mean it's one-to-one movement.
02:30 One of the interesting things about the technology that we're using is we don't have to use any special motion capture markers, no special equipment, no special body suits.
02:43 As you can see this young lady here is pretty free here to express herself in any way she feels fit.
02:50 And if you notice here, I'm able to move around her.
02:56 Unlike a 360 video, where it's just you statically in the middle and the video playing around you.
03:02 This is an actual physical virtual object that we're looking at here and you can interact with it went like any other virtual object, meaning walk around it, fly above it, change the size and perspective.
03:15 Well anyways, I like to say thank you guys for watching, this is just a sneak peek of what we have coming, we appreciate your time and please stay tuned, we will have more videos coming soon and see you next one, can you feel the vibe yet?

How to use VIBE[edit]

  • Deposit VIBE onto our private off-chain solution.
  • Use Vibe to purchase:
    • Concerts
    • Education lessons
    • Virtual assets
  • Interaction with smart contracts:
    • Crowd funding
    • Escrow
    • Voting
  • How Holograms are captured:
    1. Develop concert or lesson.
    2. Capture concert or lesson in volumetric production facility.
    3. Take the captured holograms to VibeHub Lab to create custom scenes around it.
    4. Place concert or lesson on the VibeHub platform to be enjoyed by fans globally.



List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell VIBE (VIBE).


Date Events and Milestones
Q1 2017 Begin development of VIBEHub application
Q2 2017 Release beta and youtube channel
Q2-Q3 2017 Token sale
Q3 2017 Listed on exchanges
Q3 2017 Established Monster Technology partnership
Q4 2017 Secured capture facility for initial performances
Q4 2017 Capture first volumetric performance
Q1 2018 Integrate our off-chain solution for micro-transactions
Q1-Q2 2018 First of many VR performances live on beta platform using the VIBE currency
Q3 2018 In-house production facitlity completed to produce custom holograms for VR/AR applications
Q3 2018 Beta Testing AR apps using existing content & Beta test user created content marketplace
Q4 2018 Release to all VR/AR hardware platforms

Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in VIBE (VIBE).
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
Alessio Mack Co-Founder, Futurist & Tech Guru

Official LinkedIn account:

  • Alessio Mack is the co-founder of VibeHub (VIBE) cryptocurrency.
  • A self-taught tech guru with 20+ years of experience in a wide array of programming languages and software platforms. Specializes in VR/AR applications.
  • Graduated from Florida State University with Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA Field Of StudyBusiness, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.
Matthew Myers Co-Founder, Crypto Expert & Musician
Fred Bender VR / AR Reality Senior Developer
MARK KOOPS Advisor & Regional VP for Ericsson
Renee Isaac Quality Assurance Lead
Sean Lundrigan Cryptomarket Analyst


VIBE (VIBE) partners.jpg

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