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Official site (website): https://www.tenx.tech iOS app download (iphone): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tenx-blockchain-asset-wallet/id1273403542?mt=8 Android app download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onebit.app Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tenxwallet Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TenX/ YouTube video (channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrh49JX-9UQJbee6e4EGhog Official Facebook account (fb): https://www.facebook.com/tenxwallet/ Forum Chat: https://chat.tenx.tech/ PDF document file: http://www.tenx.tech/whitepaper/tenx_whitepaper_final.pdf Slack channel: https://ten-x.herokuapp.com/ Medium (blog, article, news): https://blog.tenx.tech/ Discussion forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1953612.0 Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/TenXPay Explorer: https://ethplorer.io/address/0xb97048628db6b661d4c2aa833e95dbe1a905b280 Support email address: mailto:team@tenx.tech CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tenx/ Alexa website traffic ranking: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/tenx.tech

Truth and facts[edit]

  • One world. Multiple virtual currencies: Harness the power of blockchains on your travels. Enjoy access to multiple virtual currencies across different blockchains. All made simple with the TenX card. It’s the one card you’ll want to have on all your adventures.
  • Real-time transparent rates: 0% conversion fees. What you see is exactly what you get — no additional fees imposed. Spend your virtual currencies conveniently at any merchant around the globe with complete ease of mind, just like how you spend your local currency. . No complicated fees. Use blockchain assets with the same convenience like your local currency. The minimum fee lets you convert and spend your assets with your mind at ease whether locally or when you are abroad.
  • Be in control: Send and recieve funds all in one app. Withdraw from any ATM around the world. Recieve real-time notifications when the card is used. Lock or unlock your card whenever you wish to. All at your fingertips.
  • Real world payments: Connecting blockchains to the real world - TenX connects your blockchain assets to real world payment platforms. With our app, the TenX card and our forthcoming banking licence, we will be well-positioned to serve as a one-stop hub for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world.
  • The TenX wallets and cards have been tested by well-known figures in the industry with payments in 50 countries across the world. Available now on iOS, Android, and the web.
  • Multi-blockchain asset support: TenX supports blockchain assets across multiple blockchains. We currently support Bitcoin. Ethereum, Ethereum ERC20 Tokens (DGX, REP, TRUST, ANT, etc.), and DASH are in closed beta testing.
  • Decentralized security smart contract (DSS): You are the holder of the DSS key and in full control of your funds. You can fine tune your security settings at anytime with the smart contracts. From spending limits, Daily Limits, Portfolio Spending, Withdrawal setting etc.
  • Payment platform for blockchain assets: The platform connects assets and businesses on blockchains to the real-world in a decentralized manner. Developers can develop security smart contract modules, businesses can connect their users and usecase to real-world payments.
  • Powered by the Comit network: Connecting blockchains in a single network


  • TenX (PAY) is based in Singapore.
  • Slogan: Make Travelling Simple With TenX.
  • Slogan: Your virtual currencies spendable - anytime, anywhere.
  • Quote: We make virtual currencies spendable anytime anywhere as you travel with the TenX wallet app and debit card.


  • The official ticker symbol for TenX token: PAY
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 205,218,256 PAY
  • Circulating Supply: 104,661,310 PAY


  • ICO was on 24 Jun 2017.

Video Playlist[edit]

TenX - Join the Revolution - Anytime & Anywhere

00:06 Listen up. Cryptocurrency is awesome, it's decentralized, it's safe, it's fast.
00:13 There is just one thing: you can't spend it.
00:19 We change that. We make cryptocurrencies spendable.
00:24 Anytime, anywhere.
00:28 Join the revolution.

TenX (PAY)

00:00 What is going on guys, my name is Nicolas Merton here at data dash, today is July 27th of 2017.
00:14 So you guys know if you watch my videos, I love getting feedback in the comments below about what coin I should cover next.
00:21 And I got to say you guys recommend me a lot of ICOs.
00:23 Now if you're new to crypto investing or you don't know what the term ICO means, ico stands for initial coin offering and if you're wondering what that means, on a simple basis, it's pretty much the equivalent of an IPO on a traditional market in an initial public offering.
00:37 Meaning that it's available to the general public rather than being privatized and closed.
00:42 So that being said, I've got to tell you unusually I don't like much ICOs and there's a lot of reasons for that.
00:49 First being is that a lot of them make hyped up promises they can't keep, a lot of them usually are put at very high valuations at the start and a lot of them turn out to be scams.
00:59 Yes, there are a lot of scams out there in the cryptocurrency market to come out a ridiculous valuation and they jump off the boat right when they can take their profits and run with it.
01:09 It's a very scary and risky kind of business much like it is with IPOs.
01:13 It's literally correlated exactly with stock markets in the sense of price action and habits.
01:18 So that being said though guys, every once in a while, there is a coin that makes me approach it differently.
01:27 There's a different coin out there that really shocks me with a great team, a great sense of tech and a great market to tackle.
01:37 And I gotta say guys, the coin I'm covering today is no exception and that coin is TenX.
01:42 So before I get into TenX I want to focus on looking at the website, I want to give you a brief understanding what TenX is trying to tackle.
01:52 For years MasterCard and Visa predominantly have dominated as conglomerates, the transaction business.
02:01 If you have a debit card or credit card of any sort, whether it's through a certain bank, you most likely are using a card from Visa or MasterCard.
02:10 The only other things I can think about that are pretty things like PayPal, but that being said, they own multitrillion-dollar holds on this market, the transaction business is trillions of dollars.
02:21 So we obviously have a large industry here, and we also alongside that have a big problem in crypto currencies.
02:30 Crypto currencies are easy to use online, you can go on Amazon or overstock and even some brick-and-mortar stores that have online e-commerce sites and use Bitcoin, and the same is coming for Ethereum and a lot of other coins because they're starting to realize that these are really good coins to use as a transit means of transaction.
02:47 That being said, at the same time there is a big problem with crypto currencies and it is a justifiable complaint and that is the fact that I can't go into many brick-and-mortar stores here in the US or in China or a lot of other countries that are collecting crypto currencies and I can't go spend it okay.
03:05 I can't spend it on my you know if I want to go out and get a Starbucks coffee in the morning or if I want to go get lunch at Chipotle or I want to go buy a flat-screen TV at Walmart, in many cases I can't use my cryptocurrency.
03:16 So in case in point, it seems like I would just be better using fiat currency.
03:21 However, TenX is coming to change that and they are, unlike a lot of other people who claim they're really coming up to kind of break the system and really bring a groundbreaking technology to the forefront, TenX is actually doing it, and I'm going to try to explain it as best as I can in the shortest possible of my time.
03:40 So as usual, I want to talk about price action, guys, the numbers look good on it, the valuations still relatively low, it's a small cap.
03:47 Nonetheless, I want to go ahead and start covering the technology because I think it's the most important thing to understand here.
03:53 So let's go ahead and look at the website.
03:55 So you can see right off the bat, they've got a very nice modern professional website that helps market it and I love how they list right at the top their purpose making cryptocurrencies expendable anytime anywhere.
04:06 Now guys you might think that they're just solely focused on getting a Bitcoin as a means of exchange, but they have done it with a multitude of currencies, Ethereum, Litecoin, you name it.
04:18 You can use these coins as a means of exchange in average everyday places of brick-and-mortar stores.
04:22 And basically how it works on a visual basis, there's a great video here, I'm going to use the audio stuff and you guys can go ahead and check it for yourself, but their team has actually showed demonstration because where they simply go out and buy everyday items with the TenX card .so they create much like you know normal company like MasterCard, Visa are the banks that you trust you have those cards that are used for transactions, and you can basically connect it with the app on your phone, and simply swipe it and it transacts whatever currency you want to use that they allow into USD to users of purchase.
04:53 It's a perfect transaction from crypto to fiat and it's extremely fast.
04:59 Watch how instantly this comes up in transaction, just as fast as the simple microchip transaction in modern day transactions.
05:10 Instantly, you get the receipt and can get his coffee.
05:12 I mean that's just amazing guys, there is no demo I've seen that works through that efficient, and they have multitudes of videos of this, they've shown them using it at McDonald's, in a variety of different retailers.
05:23 So it's actual functioning tech, it's not some philosophy, it's not some objective and it makes sense.
05:29 So now this part right here, I want to talk about it a little bit.
05:34 A lot of people would understand okay yeah is the text great and all but you know what's the philosophy of using, how's the coin going to get its value, and I'll explain that a little bit guys.
05:41 So it's pretty much a decentralized, low fee, this is the big all the biggest selling point guys, there's real-time rates, transparent rates that are extremely cheap, little literally zero to nothing in those cases.
05:56 The only fees that you'll really encounter if you click on the fee details, are really fees about utilizing the card for it and if you spend less than $1,000 a year which is literally just 10 euros, not that bad, really isn't something to worry about.
06:11 So nonetheless, guys, this is the fact that there's zero spending in exchange fees for the most part, if you're just using it in the way that you should, that's amazing, that's a huge selling point and that'll help people adopt this early on, especially the multi-billion market, multi-billion dollar market of people who already have crypto currencies that want to go out and spend it on their day to day lives.
06:33 So here's another video that I was looking at where they showed how to use it at McDonald's, and same case scenario, works very quick.
06:40 Now that being said, guys the team is sturdy as well.
06:47 You know dev teams are very important, they've got a good scalable size team and they've got people who are really, you know very very positive run technology and are working to improve it each and every day, I think that's why it has such a professional layout.
07:01 Now I think the big reason why the ICO sold so well in the sense of distributing tokens was because Vitalik Buterin is behind it.
07:09 He likes the technology and you know as you all know, if you don't know, he's the founder of Ethereum.
07:16 So there's a lot of good skill investors here and I think a lot of people who really realize that utilizing this kind of crypto technology as a means of exchange through transactions, through USD, through detect up to next build is a really good idea.
07:33 So and there's also a video here, you know it's kind of a corny look here's to the crazy ones build Steve Jobs statement and stuff but their you know work is just like photos and stuff than working on everything and you know as corny as it is, I really think they are you know trying to change the game here guys.
07:47 I'm going to say you know any of you from the dev team that are watching, I really am optimistic about what you guys are doing.
07:52 Now, go into the white paper here, let's get a little bit more in detail.
07:56 So we can see a nice visualization here of the certain currencies and the multitude of others that aren't even listed in transacting to USD.
08:06 And I love the fact that they mentioned how much points of acceptance they take, 36 million guys, that's huge, that's pretty much anywhere you can think of, any major conglomerate, you can go shop there that breaks down so much barriers guys, it is immensely powerful in the sense of being able to utilize cryptocurrency.
08:23 So of course you can download it on your phone and you register and it makes instant transactions convertible to USD.
08:28 So it takes real-time measures much like you would on for Forex or if you were to you know turn the stock exchange and trade for USD, it has instant transactions and at the equivalent level of what it's value that.
08:43 So this is a really good selling point guys, their card has a beautiful design, it looks just like any other debit or credit card and there's a lot of just solid benefits.
08:53 The fact that it's decentralized and trustless storage, the fact that there's 36 million points of sale and the fact you can use pretty much any cryptocurrency that mainstream users use.
09:05 I would assume that, you know what makes a 90 to 95 percent of the market of cryptocurrencies in valuation is able to be used to this, again, huge point of sale.
09:14 Now a lot of you might be saying look, like this technology is great, everything you know really to the concept of it, I would use it on a daily basis, that sounds fantastic.
09:25 However, we're talking about TenX, the token here, you know the actual cryptocurrency, so what gives that value if I'm using Ethereum as a means of exchange, why should I care about that.
09:32 So there is a reason to be optimistic on the token it is directly tied with the technology and its adoption.
09:41 Crush crypto, I'm going to leave a link down below if you guys want to read into this, this was a perfect article that explains how it gets its value.
09:48 I'm going to usually don't like to read it off the screen but I'm going to go ahead and read it for you guys just to really kind of recap it on concept on itself, so how can the token holders make money?
09:57 Basically speaking, the more transaction volume TenX processes, the more value PAY has.
10:04 So the value of this token is driven from transaction volume, not from increased usage of the token.
10:09 So not just simply more people using it, it's the more transaction volume, meaning the overall market and revenue that goes through the TenX technology.
10:21 So token holders of TenX will receive 0.5% of the whole payment volume, meaning that they will get 0.5% back not like a cash rewards program with a debit card, where when you go and buy gas and with a lot of debit cards and you get 1% back.
10:36 So they get 0.5% back of the whole payment barn that is spent to the TenX debit card.
10:41 The payment to the token holders will be paid in ether, okay.
10:45 So unlike other ICOs, it is very hard to measure value guys, a lot of them are overinflated, a lot of them are kind of hard to interpret the technology being used, their value of pay, the token, is pretty simple to measure it's the number of TenX debit card users out there multiplied by the average spending to use.
11:05 So the real variable I know we were saying at the top it doesn't matter how many people adopted.
11:09 It really doesn't because the real valuable part of that equation is how much they spent.
11:14 Now if you're just buying you know, four or five dollars with your TenX card, it's not worth much you know, it's not going to even if we had millions of people adopting it wouldn't be much.
11:24 But if millions of people start utilizing it and they start spending hundreds of dollars with it on an annual month, that's huge, this is really going to bring the forefront of cryptocurrencies to it.
11:34 Now a lot of people are saying that the market cap or least evaluation of it is pretty highly valued and in a sense yes it is if you take it on a fundamental standpoint.
11:43 Price to earnings is a measure that's traditionally used in stock markets with companies that have the profit ratio or so necessary, their earnings ratio and their price, meaning that on the market, let's say for example I have a company XYZ company and my share price is $10, but I only make $1 per share in my company.
12:05 So that would be a 10 p/e ratio, meaning that my price is ten times greater than my earnings potential okay.
12:16 So that being said guys, right now I might seem like TenX is a little over valued because it's basically equated that there's 940 million dollars to justify that I see evaluation.
12:28 Now that is technically true on a kind of p/e measure, however we're talking about early adoption of cryptocurrency and it's technology in a 30 p/e ratio for something this ambitious and this bold and this functionable, and tell you all their stocks that have more ridiculous valuations than this.
12:48 Netflix I'll give you for an example, I just checked it this morning has I think around a 260 to 270 p/e ratio, something a lot of lives past 200 and it's been slowly you know increasing its profits through the increase of its subscription base, whereas this dependent 30 times p/e ratio guys.
13:07 I'm not telling you all it's a complete win, however that is honestly relatively cheap to get early in and that p/e ratio could just keep on going higher with you know further ambition of it, not to mention the streamline of usage is probably just going to grow from here on out now.
13:22 This really brings me back to my topic of the market size here, guys when I said trillions of dollars, I net trillions of dollars.
13:32 Visa and MasterCard together in combined 2016, processed over thirteen trillion dollars in transactions.
13:39 Think about that now, they didn't make thirteen trillion dollars, they processed thirteen trillion dollars, meaning they have a revenue of thirteen troy the totally submissive transactions.
13:50 So guys, that is a very big market okay.
13:55 Now is TenX going to reach that scale? probably not and probably not for a long time, it does mean more competitors who come along the way but right now, they have the top dog, they're the ones that are actually been adopted, they've got the tech, they've got the team, they've got the investors behind them and they've got the adoption.
14:12 So do I think that it's far-fetched to think they'll have a billion in volume in the next year or two?
14:20 Honestly guys, with how fast cryptocurrencies are growing and Asian markets and here in the US, I don't really doubt it.
14:27 Their technology is great and it's fast, it's functional and it's flexible and that's what you need to have a successful tech side related to your cryptocurrency, and I think that's what's going to give TenX or PAY its value.
14:39 The fact that their technology is so functionable and so usable in the real world guys.
14:44 So anyways I rambled on about it for a long time guys, I love to hear what you think about TenX, I got to tell you though, I'm optimistic on this guy's.
14:53 One of the few ICOs I can say that I actually feel genuinely interested in.
14:57 You all know as I stated it from the beginning, I don't like scams, I don't like selling you guys on something, I'm not here to pitch to that, I don't work for them.
15:05 However, I am very optimistic about this guy.
15:08 So definitely consider doing some research and maybe consider adding it to your portfolio, I know that if I can pick up TenX at a dip here, I definitely will consider holding it for the long term and building a small portion of my portfolio and maybe even get into trying to technology.
15:20 So anyways guys, if you are interested in the tech, you can go ahead and check out their website and actually get a physical data card and link up the app on your phone and go out and start using your crypto, it's working, go try it out guys.
15:32 If you have already used it, let me know how your experiences in the comments below but that's it for the video, I appreciate you all for watching, please like and subscribe you get the chance and I will see you all in the next video, stay tuned.


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell TenX (PAY).



The Comit Network[edit]

  • Official Comit Network site
  • Connecting blockchains in a single network.
  • Blockchain interoperability: Interchain - A network of blockchains. The COMIT (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction) protocol connects every blockchain. It is an off-chain transaction protocol that allows the blockchain ecosystem to scale efficiently and continuously with improved accessbility by the masses.
  • Coming soon.


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on TenX (PAY).
Official list of development roadmap
Date Events and Milestones
Q4 2017 Integrate more cryptocurrencies on TenX. Stable and scalable payment operation.
Q4 2017 COMIT protocol scaling and security research
Q1 2018 Strategic market expansion
Q1 2018 COMIT Version 0.1 development
Q2 2018 Support ERC20 tokens and more currencies
Q3 2018 Connect Bitcoin and Ethereum on COMIT. Open for developers and liquidity providers.
Q1 2019 More functions on TenX card & wallet
Q1 2019 COMIT tools and SDKs for developers to build an ecosystem
Q3 2019 TenX card issuing licence
2020 TenX - blockchain Banking Licence. Connecting everyone on blockchain ecosystem from traditional banking system.

Team members[edit]

  • TenX team has a wide experience in deep tech, AI, blockchain R&D, marketing and business operations. TenX is proud to have the support and trust of various industry leaders i.e. PayPal, DBS Blockchain and Citi Mobile Challenge.
  • List of team members in TenX (PAY).
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
Toby Hoenisch.jpg
Toby Hoenisch
Co-Founder and CEO

Official LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobyai/ Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tobyai

  • Toby Hoenisch is the co-founder and CEO of TenX (PAY) cryptocurrency project.
  • From Singapore.
  • Graduated from Technische Universität Graz with MSc in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence (2008 – 2011).
  • Graduated from Osaka University in Artificial Intelligence (2010).
  • Graduated from Technische Universität Graz with BSc in Computer Science (2005 – 2008).
Julian Hosp Co-Founder and President
Michael Sperk Co-Founder and CTO
Paul Kitti. Co-Founder and CPO
Warren Goh COO
Bettina Schmidt VP Human Resources, CHO and Head of Customer Service
U-Zyn Chua Senior Software Developer and Blockchain Engineer
Martijn Buurman Senior Software Developer
Jeff Gan Android Lead
Andric Tham Product Manager
Ingvar Kainoa Lead Product Designer
Al Poh Recruiter
Mike Ferrer Community Manager
Joel Koh Customer Success Manager
Dominik Oberriesser Technical Support Advisor
Veronika Ukrayinets Head of Communication
Patricia Zinnecker Executive Management (EU)
Darren Ng Head of AML and Compliance
Yana Afanasieva Chief Compliance Officer
Roszilah Jaapar Senior Financial Controller and Accounting
Desmond Loo Legal Officer
Steve Filby Chief People Officer
Jonathan Seror Senior Compliance & Risk Officer
Samantha Teo Office Manager
Royce Lim Recruiter
Stefan Shumski Head of Motion Graphics
Rasa Salakij Visual Designer (Content and Brand)
Bom Nitaz Video Director
Ali Khalilvandi Senior Developer
Alvin Jiang Product Manager
Angel Coco Chen Product Manager
Mauro Lopes Senior Software Engineer
Nick Massey Senior Rust Developer
Tyler Richie Senior Developer
Viraj Kothalawala Senior Developer
Karthik Ravikanti Rust Developer
Florian Peter Data Scientist & Deep learning Consultant
Brendon Van Essen Customer Success Manager, Quality Assurance
Bryan Ong Community Manager
Larry Leow Customer Success Manager
Steven Kearns Customer Success Manager
Ewald Serafini German and Italian Community Moderator
Cheryl Chua Payment Operations Analyst in Finance
Christina Wu Personal Assistant in Management
Joshua Rankin Community Manager


  • List of advisors for TenX (PAY).

Partners and investors[edit]


  • Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard #38-02 Suntec City Tower 2, Singapore 038989.

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