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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Decentralized Trustworthy Application, Smart Contracts empowered by blockchain, Digital Values issued and obtained by everyone, A Next Era of Web 4.0.[1]
  • TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology.[1]
  • TRON protocol is the blockchain’s entertainment system of free content, in which TRX, TRON’s coin, is circulated.[2]


  • TRON is based in Beijing, China.
  • Official currency for TRON is TRONIX.


  • CEO: Justin Sun - graduated from University of Pennsylvania. He is also the former chief representative in Greater China of Ripple, founder of Peiwo app, Global Shaper, World Economic Forum. Forbes Asia, 30 under 30.[1]


  • Tron is called '波场TRON' in Chinese language.


  • ICO: 9 September 2017

Video Playlist[edit]

TRON (TRX) - Crypto BEYOND the moon! Great long term 2018 hold!

00:00 What's up guys, crypto cash here, back again to help you make that crypto cash in Bitcoin bucks.
00:04 And so today the market cap of all the crypto currencies is 584 billion dollars and this is just crazy.
00:13 I feel like this was 500 billion vote like, I think it was a few days ago not even, let's see, just go to the seven-day chart.
00:24 So we're at 580 and we were at 500 on the 14th which is yeah, two days ago, three days ago, no two days ago.
00:39 I don't know why this is the 17th on here, maybe it's because it's different time zones.
00:46 But uh it's the 16th for me right now, 10 o'clock at night yeah.
00:51 And there's twenty thirty billion dollars in last 24 hours which is just insane, 13 billion dollars in Bitcoin, we got a nice 80% run-up in cardano, ah no but that's pretty crazy.
01:10 But something even crazier, Tron, 92% in the last 24 hours and just look at this, if we go to the full list and we scroll down on, Tron 800 in 30 percent in the last seven days, eight hundred thirty percent, this was Justin and ICO.
01:33 And if we look at their website, and if you're thinking this is too late to buy, it's not, this is a fantastic long-term hold.
01:46 Basically let's look at their paper English.
01:53 So basically what Tron is trying to do is, where is it, give me a second, okay I found what I was looking at, um that explains it pretty easily.
02:15 So Tron aims to heal the Internet by constructing a worldwide free content entertainment system on the blockchain.
02:23 The protocol allows users to freely publish, store and own data, enabling them to own the rights to their content and design decide when, how and at what cost to share it.
02:34 So basically it, it's basically self-explanatory right there.
02:43 And then the Sun wants to position Tron a new kind of distributed economy and digital entertainment including anything from streaming video to online gambling to social networks, where the users themselves own the economy.
03:00 Tron is the cryptocurrency that runs on Tron electronics and an important note here is that the service of a distributed economy drawn also supports other cryptocurrencies.
03:14 So also one other thing I want to show you is, we come here, go to tron.
03:23 So December 17th, we got partnerships, so founder Sun announces that several big partnerships will be announced this week.
03:40 So we will announce several huge partnerships in the upcoming week and that's from his Twitter, so that's some good news.
03:50 On the 29th of December, there will be releasing their source code, here's the before that to release our source code namely Exodus, it's good news.
04:05 On also on the 29th, we will have a revolutionary smart contract and Dapps platform open source and they will also have a coin bone burn on the John January 10, 20 % of their coins which will reduce their total coins, which right here the total supply.
04:28 So this is a good point for the future, very good long-term hold ,it's only 2.5 billion right now, it's easily gonna 5 extra money with by the end of 2018 and yeah, we'll see at the 2018 we'll make a make a little video and see how it does.
04:48 Have a good one guys, leave a comment, like the video, subscribe, click the notification about that was probably the shittiest outro ever but hopefully you still do all that shit.
05:01 And just a little uh no Dash has reached over a thousand, I just seen that just now that that's awesome so yeah.

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