Sweet potato strip

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Sweet potato strip logo
Title Info
English name Sweet potato strip
Chinese name 红薯条
Nickname Dried sweet potatoes, dried sweet potatoes
Main ingreadient Sweet potato
Taste Sweet
Process Steam

Sweet potato strip[edit]

  • The sweet potato strip is a strip of food made from sweet potato. The color is generally golden, sweet, tough, and chewy. It is one of the favorite snacks for children and children.
  • How to make sweet potato strips:
  • Cut a small sweet potato into strips, dry it, wash it, steam it, and put it outside to dry it in fine weather. Without the sun, you have to waste a few briquettes to dry. Sun drying (baked) sweet potato strips also have to grasp the scale, the sun is too much, then hard as iron, teeth are not good, half a day can not chew a piece; sun time is not enough, the water is too much, easy to mold, unfavorable collection.


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