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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Stratis is a powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world enterprise and financial services.
  • Develop, test, deploy. Stratis is a powerful and flexible Blockchain developement platform.
  • Stratis offers native C# and .Net end-to-end blockchain solutions.


  • Slogan: We make blockchain easy for you.
  • Slogan: Blockchain made easy with Stratis.
  • Create, attest and share your blockchain identity.
  • We offer simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of native C# blockchain applications on the .Net framework.
  • From Fintech to Internet of Value and emerging technologies, our C# and .Net development, deployment and consulting capabilities can help streamline and accelerate your blockchain project development process.
  • Stratis Group, Ltd. is based in London, England. Adress: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.[1]


  • ICO started on 21 June 2016 and ended on 26 July 2016

Video Playlist[edit]

Stratis in a Nutshell

00:00 Stratis in a nutshell, so I've been getting a lot of requests to talk about Stratis and it's for a very good reason as well.
00:05 Stratis has gone into the top tens of cryptocurrencies and it's growing at a massive massive rate.
00:09 Today we're going to talk about why it's very interesting and the key features and innovations behind Stratis.
00:17 So first of all, to really understand why Enterprise would want to use something like Stratis or use the blockchain, you want to watch my video to explain why big companies are interested in the blockchain.
00:32 One example I'm going to really cover today is something that it's really big home to me which is potentially you can actually use blockchain technology as a huge database to keep in-game items, I make video games, and actually just found out that I could potentially use Stratis for that.
00:49 And this is going to be a case example of explaining why that's so fast and cool and interesting for me, and why this technology is really really novel, so I'm just using my personal case example.
01:02 So first of all let's explain a little bit of what Stratis is.
01:08 Stratis is a very easy way to deploy up custom blockchain, it's essentially blockchain for dummies, it’s actually database for dummies.
01:20 And what Stratis has over Bitcoin is, is based on Bitcoin technology, so it has the reliability, the scalability and the decentralization aspects of bitcoin.
01:31 So I can manage basically a huge database, maybe of a lot of in-game items you know, players love to play video games, and they have you know weapons and stuff and these are all database entries.
01:40 Your weapon that you're holding is actually just in a number in a database.
01:46 And a thing is like players get very upset if they lose those items you know, they work hard for them.
01:51 And with blockchain technology, you can keep track of these items and can prevent duplications, you can prevent people exploiting the system, and you can do it for a very cheap price.
02:02 So even in that case example, even for me, I actually think blockchain technology could be applied for video games, and Stratis could be a possible solution, and that goes on to explain the next point.
02:14 The thing is Bitcoin technology is based on the language C++, and that language is highly efficient but also it's a little bit more complicated to program it.
02:24 You know when you're making, what Stratis, they’re actually using kind of a similar solution but using the language C sharp.
02:32 C sharp is a more modern language it has more overhead but it's actually much easier to learn, well for some people anyways, I'm not going to go into a programming debate over this.
02:41 But there are some enterprises that prefer using c-sharp and one example of that is actually unity.
02:48 So I actually use, we actually use unity a program called unity to develop our apps.
02:53 And unity is actually really really easy to learn.
02:57 You can over, basically learn it over a week and just start programming video games, and I use a c-sharp and there's actually going to be Stratis integration into unity.
03:09 That's mind blowing for me because unity is super cool and you can develop various apps for basically and various apps and games.
03:18 For Android iOS and other different systems with just one click, again you switch your development into these things.
03:26 So that's the beauty of a kind of this modern software development where it is so fast to learn and develop.
03:31 And what Stratis provides is that provides integration to do this, it provides a framework for different companies who are interested in using blocking technology to do it relatively quickly.
03:46 If you have two different systems, so if you think about currency and just tracking the Stratis token, that's what people probably be interested in buying, the Stratis token.
03:54 The Stratis token is maintained by the primary blockchain, so that's the whole purpose of that chain is to maintain the ins and outs of this currency.
04:03 But Stratis always, also allows you to build a custom private blockchain for your own needs.
04:11 For example if I wanted to build my video game that tracks items with blockchain technology, I can use it on a custom chain, that all it does is it tracks in-game items, you know the transfer of, you know in-game gold, a transfer of in-game weapons, can all be tracked with Stratis, so they can build a custom solution for me.
04:32 And you can actually just start applying for something like this on Stratis.
04:37 Stratis it's actually hosted with Microsoft, so that's kind of cool.
04:41 So they're working with Microsoft to bring kind of this hosting solution.
04:44 So you can actually just really, it's really a turnkey solution you know, you kind of figure out what you need and you go to Microsoft, you start the server and you're good to go, like that takes less than a week, a few days to do it max.
04:59 And you can start deploying technology for it and this is a great way for different companies to start experimenting with blockchain technology and trying to figure out if they can apply it for their own purposes.
05:11 I mean there is going to be a huge debate you know, and there's different solutions that work for different for everyone.
05:17 For example, you know with Bitcoin it's in c-sharp, it's more efficient.
05:21 Then maybe you want to go with the vlog stream solution which is integrating self slight change into and using that to do your private transactions, that might be a good solution.
05:32 Stratis is the c-sharp solution, and bitcoin is the c++ solution, any Ethereum has a very similar thing, Ethereum the enterprise-d theorem lines, the EEA is doing a very similar thing, it's trying to use the Ethereum technology for this.
05:44 The cool thing about Stratis is that, its primary, it's very very focused down you know.
05:49 With Ethereum, there's multiple smart contracts and there's different ways applying that, but with Stratis, they're very focused on kind of just delivering a very simple and easy to do solution for blockchain technology, and that's why there's so much interest into it.
06:03 And the very cool thing is you know, I was talking about you know, primary chains and side chains you know.
06:08 Going back to my analogy with the video game, what I can do is I can start set up a special chain, my private chain for my video game but they can also interact with the main Stratis chain.
06:20 And one of the reasons why is perhaps you want to buy in-game items or you want to trade in game currency for Stratis.
06:25 You know right now in game selling income items is actually quite hot right now, and perhaps you can actually start doing that with the integration with the sidechain and the main chain, and that's where you'll start you know using Stratis and that's where Stratis will get valuable, maybe you can make a game that uses you know Stratis as the currency for payment, and that might just take you know what months to develop, because they have all the plugins for unity already, you know that's already being developed and they're working on that and that's the beauty of Stratis, they're working on ways to integrate that for different companies and I feel that's pretty cool.
07:02 So anyways, if you guys have any questions or Stratis, I covered it with quite a very detailed example, and I thought that was the best approach to do it.
07:11 But if you guys have any points that you want to ask about Stratis and want me to explain more, I will be glad to explain it and if I would love to read your comments below.
07:18 And as always, I would like to thank you guys so much for watching my channel, it's been a super fun journey with you guys just learning about these different things and Stratis was such a cool thing for me to experiment because you know.
07:30 I actually really wanted to do a project with Stratis and that's the beauty of this.
07:34 So I will, I would like to thank everyone for sharing this crypto journey with me, I started nearly three months ago and it's just been such a blast to share ideas and to talk to and with you guys.
07:45 So anyways, guys thanks so much for watching, remember to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, see you next time.

Stratis Decoded - The Crypto for Business and Microsoft Developers

00:00 Hey guys, josh here with crypto decoded.
00:00 I in a programmer by train and somebody asked me not too long ago that to make a video on Stratis, so I am going to be attempting to explain what exactly Stratis is.
00:15 I have to tell you guys, I did a lot of research for this one and it actually took me the most time out of any of these coins to fully research because it is not quite clear what exactly Stratis is trying to do.
00:28 So let's hop in and try and explain that.
00:31 One quick note before I get going here, we already have 50 subscribers on the channel, I think the channel was like five days, five or six days old at this point, so that is a kind of crazy growth from my perspective, thank you so much for checking me out.
00:48 But let's talk about Stratis, that's really what you're here for.
00:53 So Stratis can be basically summarized by saying Stratis is trying to bring blockchain technology to corporations or businesses.
01:05 And the way that they're doing that is by basically making it easier for these corporations who depend on the Windows or Microsoft kind of environments to get their own blockchain up and running really quickly.
01:20 So let me kind of decompress that a little bit for you.
01:26 If you want to develop or you know deploy your code to run on Windows or a Microsoft environment, then you need to have you need to have your program running in either c-sharp or on the .net framework.
01:40 And so what Stratis actually does is they have their own blockchain that kind of runs, Bitcoin is based on C++ which is just another language and Stratis has their own kind of main blockchain running on c-sharp.
02:00 So if a corporation wants to create their own blockchain, that's kind of like a side block chained to the main Stratis blockchain, they can do that really easily without having to do things like hiring developers because a lot of these companies and I've worked with, actually a few, that rely on this Windows and Microsoft framework to to actually get up and running with these blockchain technologies really quickly.
02:31 So at the company that I worked for for example, we had many many developers that are already fluent in c-sharp and framework.
02:43 So you know working with Stratis to get our own blockchain going would be a piece of cake.
02:49 So this kind of brings up the question why would a company want their own blockchain?
02:57 And they have a few use cases on the Stratis website, so I definitely suggest you go and check that out down in the links below, I'll have a whole bunch more information for you to reference if you want to find out more.
03:13 But one example that's been brought to my attention, you can track inventory.
03:18 So for example, tracking diamonds seems to be really really hard if you're not really into this use case, they're not totally with you here, but you could track products or diamonds and basically figure out where exactly they came from, a lot of people don't want to buy blood diamonds for example.
03:40 Another way that this could be useful is for tracking like in-game inventories.
03:46 Because basically all of blockchain is is a database or basically a collection of data and it can be tied to users.
03:57 So if you had like a game that you wanted to make and you wanted to keep track of which users have which items, you could use a blockchain for that too.
04:08 So yeah, that kind of goes through the uses that Stratis has.
04:11 One of the things that I did not touch on is that because you have the main Stratis blockchain and you could have all these corporations with these side chains, the side chains can actually communicate the main blockchain and the main blockchain is where the actual Stratis token is.
04:31 So let's say again you had like these game items and you wanted to trade them for Stratis coins, that could potentially be coming in the future and so a lot of these games have online items that you can sell for a lot of money, and that's one potential use case for this type of thing.
04:56 So Stratis is really interesting, they provide services mostly for businesses and honestly I'm not entirely sure what to think about this technology.
05:07 You guys should let me know down in the comments below, what your thoughts are and subscribe to the channel if you'd like to see more videos like this.
05:15 I'll see you all next time, bye.



  • Chris Trew: CEO and founder of Stratis- Chris is a consultant, architect and technologist with over 10 years’ experience in Enterprise IT.
  • Policarpo Guerrero: Director of operations
  • Krushang Patel: Head of communications
  • Carlton Pringle: Project lead tumblebit and breeze
  • Nicolas Dorier: Bitcoin development technical adviser
  • Dan Gershony: Stratis blockchain developer
  • Stéphane Gaudreault: Stratis solution developer
  • Pieterjan Vanhoof: Stratis blockchain developer
  • Jeremy Bokobza: Stratis blockchain developer
  • Benoît Philibert: UI and UX designer
  • Cesar Castro: Board advisor on exponential growth

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