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Frequently asked questions
==Frequently asked questions==
*What is the difference between Wikipedia and List.Wiki.List?:Wikipedia is an encycopedia focuses on information about something, which is like a dictionary while List.Wiki.List focuses on gathering and organizing all the information out there across the web.*How List.Wiki.List gathers and organizes information across the web?:List.Wiki.List provides a wiki platform where eveyone can collaborate together in an open transparent way. Browse, edit, share info together and ultimately, everyone gets the accurate info they need.*What is the difference between Google and List.Wiki.List?:Google is very good in knowing what users are searching for, but Google needs information found on other websites to present them to users. List. Wiki.List is to fill up this role by gathering all the useful scattered information across the web.
*What wiki system is List.Wiki using?
:List.Wiki uses the same wiki system like Wikipedia, both are powered by MediaWiki.

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